Initial Descent: May 22 – 28, 2022

Mournful Congregation

Another week, another list of new metal… to which, we rejoice! I know, I know, it’s Monday and that’s a bit too much excitement. However, who doesn’t get excited over new metal? I mean, that’s about all we have anymore. Anywho, get your frowns on for a moment and welcome the new outing from Mournful Congregation (I kid, it’s good), next up is a war machine of deathgrind from Holocausto Canibal, then we’ve got an epic heavy metal effort from Gengis Khan, a rockin’ good time from Besvärjelsen, and a bloated list of many other hits to empty your wallets and blast what’s left of your hearing. Head directly below and happy hunting. See you here throughout the week…

Mournful Congregation – The Exuviae of Gods – Part I (Osmose Productions) – doom metal

Holocausto Canibal – Crueza Ferina (Selfmadegod Records) – deathgrind

Gengis Khan – Possessed By the Moon (Stormspell) – heavy metal

Besvärjelsen – Atlas (Magnetic Eye) – doom-dark-desert rock

Also on tap:

Abythic – Eden of the Doomed (Iron Bonehead) – doom

Belushi Speedball – What, Us Worry? (sonaBLAST!) – thrash

Bekmork – The Path Nocturnal (Horns High) – black metal

Black Lung – Dark Waves (Heavy Psych Sounds) – rock

Black Void – Antithesis (Nuclear Blast) – black metal / punk

Blue Heron – Ephemeral (Seeing Red Records) – fuzz rock

Bolverk – Uaar (Wormholedeath) – extreme metal

Brutality – Sempiternity (Emanzipation Productions) – death metal

Cadaver Coils – Offerings of Rapture and Decay (Iron Bonehead) – death metal

Cadaveria – Emptiness (Time To Kill) – dark metal

Church of Disgust – Weakest is the Flesh (Hells Headbangers) – death metal

Clayshaper – Vampiric (Independent) – gothic death metal

Continuum of Xul – Falling Into Damnation (Lavadome Productions) – death metal

Corax B.M – Spread the Occult (Pagan) – black metal

Cult Of The Night – Dance of the Witches (independent) – black thrash

Darkened – The Black Winter (Edged Circle) – death metal

Dead Waves – Abandoned Children, EP (Entheon) – psych / folk / noise

Deos – Furor Belli (WormHoleDeath) – black / death

Dust Mice – Earth III (WormHoleDeath) – space / garage

DVL – Hush (Wormholedeath) – heavy metal

Electric Mountain – Valley Giant (Electric Valley) – desert rock

Evil – Book of Evil (From The Vaults) – heavy metal

Foes / Heated – War On Everything (Glacier Recordings) – metal

Frosten – With Sigils and Infernal Signs (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Gramma Vedetta – The Hum of The Machine (Mandrone Records) – grunge

Haserot – Throne of Malice, EP (Redefining Darkness) – death metal

Head First – S/T (Metalville) – crossover

Healing – Magic Volume 1: Fire (Blood Blast) – sludge / desert

Heaving Earth – Darkness of God (Lavadome Productions) – death metal 

Hifiklub, Scorpion Dagger, Iggor Cavalera, Alain Johannes – Scorpklub I & II Original Soundtracks (Electric Valley) – experimental

Hollow Front – The Price of Dreaming (UNFD) – metalcore

Honeybee – S/T (Swingin’ Pipe / The Orchard) – rock

Katharos XIII – Chthonian Transmissions (Loud Rage / Pest) – black / doom

Lord Belial – Rapture (Hammerheart) – black metal

Maledia – Phobia (Sliptrick) – melodic metal

Michael Schenker Group – Universal (Atomic Fire) – metal

Nunslaughter/Blood – Split (Hells Headbangers) – death metal

Obscene – …From Dead Horizon to Dead Horizon (Blood Harvest) – death metal

Orochen – Anthroposcenic (Suicide Records) – post-metal

Overtoun – This Darkness Feels Alive (WormHoledeath) – death metal

PETH – Merchant of Death (Electric Valley / The Cosmic Peddler) – doom / heavy

Popiół – Szeptun (Pagan) – metal

ragenap – Thriving Culture (American Dreams Records) – psych drone

Sacrifizer – Le Diamant De Lucifer (Osmose) – metal

Sarayasign – Throne of Gold (Sound Pollution) – metal

Sensory Amusia – Breed Death (Lacerated Enemy) – death metal

Shed The Skin – Thaumogenesis (Hells Headbangers) – death metal

Sisyphean – Colours of Faith (Transcending Obscurity) – black metal

Smoke or Fire – Beauty Fades (Iodine Recordings) – metal

Tank – Honour & Blood / This Means War, Reissue (High Roller) – metal

The Book – Forgotten Art of Old (Rafchild) – heavy metal

The Cross – Act II: Walls of the Forgotten (Pitch Black) – doom

Thrall – Schisms (Impure Sounds / Brilliant Emperor) – black metal

Throne of Baal – Chaos War Death, EP (Via Nocturna) – black metal

Trolldom – I Nattens Sken (Iron Bonehead) – black metal


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