Initial Descent: June 12 – 18, 2022

Denouncement Pyre

By the time you read this I’ll be pushing sand and ocean waves through my toes on my annual ‘get the hell outta dodge for a week’ trip. Fear not, however, as my brothers in metal will be holding down the coffin. Too much? NAH, never too much in the land of all things extreme. You bet your ass I loaded some sweet tunes to jam to whilst beachside and some of which are from this week’s loaded stable of new releases. What exactly might these jams consist of you may ask, well… blackened death metallers Denouncement Pyre are back with a vicious slab of sinewy goodness, Tombs hit that metal of all sorts sweet spot on their all-too-quick EP, Inexorum offer up a delicious dish of black metal, Consecration get the lead out death doom style, and there’s many more in the list that follows to sink your fangs into. Nothing left to do now except to go GET SOME. Happy hunting and we’ll be seeing you here throughout the week. Oh, and yes I will bring you back a good sunburn…

Denouncement Pyre – Forever Burning (Agonia) – black / death

Tombs – Ex Oblivion, EP (Season of Mist) – metal

Inexorum – Equinox Vigil (Gilead Media) – black metal

Consecration – Cinis (Redefining Darkness) – death / doom 

Also on tap:

Apocalyptic Leaders – Destructive Rage of the Enemies (Void Wanderer Productions) – black metal

Aptera – You Can’t Bury What Still Burns (Ripple Music) – metal

Ataraxy – The Last Mirror (Me Saco Un Ojo / Dark Descent) – death metal

Atramentum – Through Fire, Everything Is Renewed (Invictus) – black / death

Barbarian Swords – Crusaders of the Apocalypse – The Return (Negra Nit, Negra planY) – black doom

Battlegrave – Cavernous Depths (Bitter Loss Records) – thrash death

Bekor Qilish – Throes of Death From the Dreamed Nihilism (I, Voidhanger) – metal

Brutta – S/T (Independent) – black / death

Caravellus – Inter Mundos (Rockshots Records) – power prog

Daniel Bohn – Divinity (Independent) – prog death

Deus Omega – Among The Dreaming Dead (Independent) – heavy metal

Dinbethes – Balans (Babylon Doom Cult / Swarte Yssel) – black metal

Esoctrilihum – Consecration of the Spiritus Flesh (I, Voidhanger) – extreme

Exanimatvm – Solivm Ipsa Mor (Pulverised) – death metal

Executioner’s Mask – Winterlong (Profound Lore) – psych

Exocrine – The Hybrid Suns (Unique Leader) – tech death

Gozer – An Endless Static (Trepanation Recordings) – metal

Grey Daze – The Phoenix (Loma Vista) – rock

High Castle Teleorkestra – The Egg That Never Opened (Art As Catharsis) – experimental/progressive

Horns & Hooves – I Am the Skel Messiah (Invictus) – black metal

Horror Within – Awaiting Extinction (Pathologically Explicit Recordings) – death metal

Hundred Year Old Man – Sleep In Light (Consouling Sounds) – metal

Iconic – Second Skin (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) – rock

Inexorable – Imperious (Sliptrick) – death metal

Infernal Bizarre – Mroczne Dziedzictwo (Via Nocturna) – death metal

La Sombre del Tejo – Unto de Muerto (Independent) – black metal

Nihil Nihil Nihil – Things Fall Apart As They Shall (Caligari) – post-punk

Oreyeon – Equations for the Useless (Heavy Psych Sounds) – rock

Rancor – Bury the World (Xtreem) – thrash

Reaktion – To Expect Nothing (Independent) – thrash

Red Sun Atacama – Darwin (Mrs Red Sound) – rock / desert punk 

Serpent Ascending – Hyperborean Folklore (I, Voidhanger) – metal

Seven Kingdoms – Zenith (Distortion Music Group) – prog

SINNRS – Detrahamus (Independent) – black metal

Sole Syndicate – Into the Flames (Scarlet) – rock

Sorcery – Stunt Rock Soundtrack (RidingEasy) – rock

Swampborn – Beyond Ratio (Hypnotic Dirge Records) – post metal

Teratoma – Purulent Manifestations (Avantgarde Music) – death metal

Thromdarr – Midwinter Forest – Complete Demo Tapes 1990-1997 (Svart) – extreme

Truent – Through The Vale of Earthly Torment (Independent) – progressive death metal 

Vagus / Insision – Sulfurous (Independent) – death metal

Valley of the Sun – The Chariot (Ripple Music / Fuzzorama) – rock

Vatican – Ultra (UNFD) – djentcore

Vexes – Imagine What We Could Destroy /// If Only Given Time (Independent) – alt-metal

wędrowcy~tułacze~zbiegi – Trzy Siostry (Devoted Art Propaganda) – black metal


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