Initial Descent: July 17 – 23, 2022

Imperial Triumphant

A little lighter mood this week, seven days can make a bit of difference. Sometimes I feel like that famous Hulk line in Avengers: “That’s my secret, I’m always angry.” This is probably why the Hulk has been my dude since I was a kid, funny how it took this long to put that together. Anyway, you came for new metal and new metal is what we do here on Initial Descent, in case you missed it. This week really gets the blood flowing with extreme in all shapes and sizes from Imperial Triumphant, WAKE, Witchery, Karl Sanders, and many more in the list that follows. Tons to dig into so happy hunting and we’ll see you here throughout the week.

Imperial Triumphant - Spirit of Ecstacy

Imperial Triumphant – Spirit of Ecstasy (Century Media) – avantmetal

WAKE – Thought Form Descent (Metal Blade Records) – destruction

Witchery – Nightside (Century Media) – black / thrash

Karl Sanders – Saurian Apocalypse (Napalm) – death metal

Also on tap:

Auragraph – Reflection Plane (Dais Records) – slow techno stuff

Balls Gone Wild – Stay Wild (Metalville) – ballrock

Battlegrave – Cavernous Depths (Bitter Loss) – black / thrash

Castrator – Defiled in Oblivion (Dark Descent Records) – death metal

Ceremonial Worship – Seven Gateways to Eternal Misanthropy (Eternal Death) – black metal

Clavicvla – Degeneracy of the 5th Density (Sentient Ruin) – black / death / industrial

Critical Defiance – No Life Forms (Unspeakable Axe) – extreme

Eisenkult / Atronos – Split (Purity Through Fire) – metal

Ernia – How To Deal With Life and Fail (Transcending Obscurity) – grindcore

Ewigkeit – Out of the Woods, EP (Death To Music Productions) – experimental metal

Excalibur – Volando Hacia el Infierno (Fighter) – rock

Gates to the Morning – Walk Between Worlds (Independent) – progressive metal

GLDN – First Blood (Independent) – punk

Herida Profunda – Power to the People (7 Degrees/783 Punx/Wise Grinds/Give Praise/To Live a Lie) – grindcore 

Kryptamok – Kataklysmi (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Moonshade – As We Set the Skies Ablaze (Independent) – metal

Mosara – Only The Dead Know Our Secrets (Independent) – doom

Nebula – Transmissions from Mothership Earth (Heavy Psych Sounds) – stoner rock

Nicolas Cage Fighter – The Bones That Grew From Pain (Metal Blade / Blacklight Media) – deathcore

Northless – A Path Beyond Grief (Translation Loss) – sludge

Oceans of Slumber – Starlight and Ash (Century Media) – rock

Onyria – Feed the Monster (Onyria Records) – alt rock

Panzerfaust – The Suns of Perdition, Chapter III: The Astral Drain (Eisenwald) – black metal

Phalloplasty – 27 Club (Independent) – brutal deathgrind

Source of Rage – Witness the Mess (Metalville) – rock

The Cassini Projekt – Blue Ocean Event (Independent) – prog rock

Thrashera – Bastardos da Noite (Helldprod Records) – thrash

Titan Rage – Terrorizer (Independent) – metalcore

Trog – S/T (Independent) – death metal 

VHS – Lenzi, EP (Life After Death) – death metal

Void Rot – Telluric Dismemberment (Everlasting Spew) – death / doom

Voluntary Mortification – Suffer To Rise (Rottweiler) – deathcore

Wailin Storms – The Silver Snake Unfolds (Gilead Media) – goth rock


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