Initial Descent: August 28 – September 3, 2022


Chris mentioned this, and linked it, in Saturday’s playlist BUT if you missed the full documentary of Mastodon’s Hushed and Grim, rectify that post haste. Now, for new metal: opinions wildly vary on Megadeth and Dave Mustaine and that’s fine, you do you, but from what we’ve heard of the first three tracks off their 16th album, this is the best they’ve sounded since their album count was in single digits, here’s hoping the rest holds up. Then we’ve got some sick and nasty death metal from Heads For The Dead, flag flying old school heavy metal from Trial, hard charging power metal from Blind Guardian, and, as always, a ton more in the list that follows. Dig your heels in on all of these and we’ll be seeing you here throughout the week.

Megadeth – The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead (UMG) – megametal

Heads For The Dead – The Great Conjuration (Transcending Obscurity Records) – death metal

Trial – Feed the Fire (Metal Blade) – heavy metal

Blind Guardian – The God Machine (Nuclear Blast) – power metal

Also on tap:

156/Silence – Narrative, EP (SharpTone) – metalcore

Adaestuo – Purge of the Night Cloak (W.T.C. Productions) – black metal / ambient

Ancient North – The Gates (Iron Bonehead) – black metal

Anxious Wave – Live From The Poison Factory (Nefarious Industries) – punk/noise rock

And Now the Owls Are Smiling – Epitaph (Clobber) – atmospheric black metal 

Asylum – Tyrannicide (Independent) – thrash

Avskräde – Det Stora Tunga Sjuka (Independent) – black metal 

Defacing God – The Resurrection of Lilith (Napalm) – melodic death metal 

Ensanguinate – Eldritch Anatomy (Emanzipation) – black / death

Fear Disease – Floodgates (WormHoleDeath) – metal

Gallia – Obscura (Independent) – cinematic metal

Gone Cosmic – Send for a Warning, The Future’s Calling (Grand Hand) – psych rock

Heksebrann – Transcendence, EP (Demons Run Amok) – punk

Imperium – Ex Mortis Gloria (Ultimate Massacre Productions) – tech death

In Grief – An Eternity of Misery (Iron Bonehead) – doom

Incognito Theory – The Brotherhood (Independent) – groove metal 

Mantic Ritual – Heart Set Stone, EP (M-Theory Audio) – thrash

Meteors – …of Shades and Colours (H-Music) – symphonic metal

Mezzoa – Dunes of Mars (Iron Head) – metal

Oceans Ate Alaska – Disparity (Fearless) – rock

Reincarnated – Of Bootes Void Death Spell (Inhuman Assault) – death metal

Rosa Nocturna – Angels and Beasts (Independent) – symphonic folk metal 

Silurian – End of Ordovicia (Ordovician) – black / death

Starer – Remorse Defines Me, EP (Snow Wolf) – symphonic / atmospheric black metal

Strangulation – S/T (Dying Sun) – funeral drone

Sumptus Ignis – The Kindred Dark (Independent) – prog

Sunflo’er – All These Darlings and Now Me (Dark Trail) – experimental hardcore

The Callous Doaboys – Celebrity Therapist (MNRK Heavy / Modern Static) – mathcore

The Decayed – Corrupt Politicians Will Never Set You Free (Sliptrick) – thrash / hardcore

They Live | We Sleep – Sorrowful World, EP (Trepanation Recordings) – core / death

Trouble – Live In Stockholm (Hammerheart) – doom

Under The Oak – Rattus Norvegicus (WormHoleDeath) – thrash

Unhealer – S/T (WormHoleDeath) – metalcore

Veldune – S/T (Nightfloat Recordings) – psych

Wraith/Black Knife/Graveripper/Unholy Knife – Faster Than the Fucking Devil (Wise Blood) – metal

Xenobiotic – Hate Monolith, EP (Unique Leader) – death metal

ZeTA – Binary Enigma (Independent) – melodic black / death


2 thoughts on “Initial Descent: August 28 – September 3, 2022

  1. Ray Van Horn, Jr. August 30, 2022 / 2:06 pm

    I am champin’ at the bit for the new ‘deth…geeking how good the released tracks are

    • Josh August 30, 2022 / 11:23 pm

      Agreed, we’re in the same boat

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