Initial Descent: October 2 – 8, 2022

Goatwhore – image courtesy of Stephanie Cabral

First up, our thoughts are with all those negatively impacted by the hurricane. There’s plenty of options and ways out there to help if you can so if you’re so inclined, type it in the search bar and go from there. It’s time for new and upcoming metal, and that we have plenty of this week, yet again. Goatwhore kicks things off with their eighth full length and it is massive (more on that later in the week), Armed For Apocalypse and Coffin Torture kick out the sludge metal jams, Cloud Rat again show shy they are at the top of ‘extreme mountain,’ and there’s a slew of other releases hiding out in the list below that keeps the quality pegged. Plenty here to keep you busy throughout the week so happy hunting and stay tuned.

Goatwhore - Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven

Goatwhore – Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven (Metal Blade) – metal of the goat [interview]

Armed For Apocalypse – Ritual Violence (Candlelight) – sludge

Coffin Torture – Blennoid (Sludgelord) – death / sludge

Cloud Rat – Threshold (Artoffact) – extreme

Also on tap:

3 Wheeler Band – In The Name Of The Holy Riff (Gravitoyd Heavy Music) – stoner

Aara – Phthonos, EP (Debemur Morti) – black metal

Acedia – Fracture (LADLO) – black / experimental

Aenaon – Mnemosyme (Agonia) – prog black metal

Asgrauw – Facade (Death Prayer) – black metal

Atruta – Da Varot Apramietnaj (Cavum Atrum Rex) – dark metal

Blind Illusion – Wrath of the Gods (Hammerheart) – thrash

Blodhemn – Sverger Hemn (Dark Essence) – black metal

Captain Black Beard – Neon Sunrise (Mighty Music) – rock 

Caustic Casanova – Glass Enclosed Nerve Center (Magnetic Eye) – rock

Cerberus – My Prophecy Will Come (Schwarzdorn Productiona) – black metal

Charlotte Wessels – Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II (Napalm) – rock / pop

Cogadh – Runetongue, EP (Independent) – black metal

De Profundis – The Corruption of Virtue (Transcending Obscurity) – death metal

Diabology – Father of Serpents (Dissonant Hymns) – thrash

Electric Jaguar Baby – Psychic Death Safari (Rebel Waves) – fuzz rock

Even Flow – Mediterraneo (Independent) – power prog

Faceless Burial – At The Foothills Of Deliration (Dark Descent / Me Saco Un Ojo) – death metal

Faith In Jane – Axe To Oak (Grimoire) – psych rock

Fucked Up – Oberon, EP (Tankcrimes) – punk

Get The Shot – Merciless Destruction (New Damage) – hardcore

Gillian Carter – Salvation Through Misery (Skeletal Lightning) – screamo

GLDN – Hemophilia (Independent) – industrial punk 

Hild – ValFreiya (Odium) – black / thrash / crust

Hostage Of Fate – Blessed Light Blue (Independent) – metal / punk

Incantation – Tricennial of Blasphemy (Relapse) – death metal

Karin Park – Private Collection (Pelagic) – ambient

Lamb of God – Omens (Epic) – metal

Languish – Feeding The Flames Of Annihilation (Prosthetic) – deathgrind

Les Enfants De Dagon – De Profundis (Sliptrick) – death / black / atmospheric

Loathsome – Seedbed Curse (Independent) – deathcore

Major Parkinson – Valesa 0 Chapter 1: Velvet Prison (Apollon) – synthpop / rock

Memories of a Lost Soul – Redefining Nothingness (My Kingdom Music) – gothic black metal

Monovoth – S/T (Trepanation Recordings) – doom / drone

My Kid Brother – Happy.Mad.Weird.Sad (Fearless) – rock

Parius – The Signal Heard Throughout Space (Willowtip) – prog

postcards from new zealand – liminal space (Independent) – metal

Queensryche – Digital Noise Alliance (Century Media) – metal 

Red Elm – Arena (Independent) – metal

Reverend Mother – Damned Blessing (Seeing Red) – metal

Ritual Dictates – No Great Loss (Artoffact) – black metal / speed

Saving Vice – Dichotomy, EP (Independent) – metal

Sermon of Mockery – Crippler Crossface Murder Suicide, EP (Comatose) – death metal 

Statement – Dreams from the Darkest Side (Mighty Music) – metal

Sudden Deaf – Havoc (Independent) – trad metal

Sun Voyager – S/T (Ripple Music) – psych rock

Suspyri – The Valley of Despair (Independent) – metalcore

Teramaze – Flight Of The Wounded (Wells Music) – progressive metal

The Antichrist Imperium – Volume III: Satan In His Original Glory (Apocalyptic Witchcraft) – extreme

The Bobby Lees – Bellevue (Ipecac) -0 rock / punk / blues

The Lovecraft Sextet – Miserere (Debemur Morti Productions) – doom / ambient / drone

Tons – Hashension (Heavy Psych Sounds) – doom

Twin Drugs – In Now Less Than Ever (Crazysane) – gaze

Upon Your Grave – Gold & Decay, EP (Independent) – death metal

Various Artists – A Future of Bad Men: a Melvins Tribute (Black Donut) – melvins 

Vessel of Iniquity – The Path Unseen (Sentient Ruin) – black metal / noise

Wednesday 13 – Horrifier (Napalm) – horror punk

Worn Out – Bridgeburner (Independent) – metalcore


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