Initial Descent: November 6 – 12, 2022

Detherous – image courtesy of Tegan Hoffman Photography

And just like that we’re in November. The time changed so hopefully you got the memo on that. Won’t be long until we’re stuffing our faces with copious amounts of food, getting in a quick nap afterwards, then pillaging stores for Black Friday deals. I, of course, won’t be doing the latter as I don’t participate but I will be doing the first two even though I don’t need the extra pounds. Since we’re in the season of giving thanks, there’s plenty new metal releases to be thankful for again this week in the various forms of death metal from Detherous, synth laden punk-industrial-horror from Black Cross Hotel, death-doom from Dream Unending, black metal from Kampfar, and a seriously loaded list of other stuff worthy of your time. I haven’t confirmed, but going off my foggy memory this may just be the longest list we’ve had this year. So, happy hunting and we’ll see you here throughout the week. 

Detherous – Unrelenting Malevolence (Redefining Darkness Records) – death metal

Black Cross Hotel – Hex (Independent) – synthy punk / industrial / horror

Dream Unending – Song of Salvation (20 Buck Spin) – death / doom

Kampfar – Til klovers takt (Indie Recordings) – black metal

Also on tap:

About Us – S/T (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) – hard rock

Aittala – Live To Regret (Independent) – doom

Aldaaron – Supreme Silence (Paragon) – black metal

Arallu – Death Covenant (Hammerheart) – black metal 

Ashen Tomb – S/T (Godz Ov War) – death metal

Ayyur – Hidden Rooms Sessions I (Xenoglossy / Hidden Rooms) – black / doom

BIWO – Life and Death (Independent) – heavy metal

Bonecarver – Carnage Funeral (Unique Leader) – death metal

Borders – Bloom Season (Arising Empire) – metalcore

Casket Robbery – Rituals of Death (Blood Blast Distribution) – death metal

Chaos Over Cosmos – A Dream If Ever There Was One (Independent) – tech / prog death

Chelsea Grin – Suffer In Hell (OneRPM) – metal

City Of Industry – Spiritual West (No Funeral) – hardcore

Constellatia – Magisterial Romance (Season of Mist) – progressive black metal

Crypt Rot – An Ancient Summoning (Dry Cough) – death metal

Deathdance – I Want Revenge (Give/Take) – dark wave

Destroyer of Light – Panic (Heavy Friends) – doom

Devilpriest – In Repugnant Abortion (Odium) – death / black

Dirt Forge – Interspheral (Majestic Mountain Records) – hardcore sludge

Dobbeltgjenger – Frankenstein (Apollon) – rock

Doomocracy – Unorthodox (No Remorse) – doom

Drowse – Wane Into It (The Flenser) – slowcore

Drudkh – All Belong to the Night (Season of Mist) – black metal

Dune Sea – Orbital Distortion (All Good Clean) – rock

Dysgnostic – Scar Echoes (Transcending Obscurity) – death metal 

Eibon – The Garden of Theophrastus, Reissue (Rude Awakening) – black / death

Empire Drowns – Nothing (UPRISING!) – death / doom

Encryptment – Dodens fodsel (Nuclear Winter) – black / death 

Enuff Z’Nuff – Finer Than Sin (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) – rock

envy – Seimei, EP (Pelagic) – screamo

Féleth – Divine Blight (Rob Mules) – death metal

Fell Ruin – Cast In Oil The Dressed Wrought (Tartarus) – avantmetal

Fleshwater – We’re Not Here To Be Loved (Closed Casket Activities) – metal

Floating – The Waves Have Teeth (Spirit Coffin Publishing) – prog death

Fulanno / The Crooked Whispers – Last Call From Hell (Helter Skelter / Regain) – stoner doom

Furi Helium – Far From Sanity (Independent) – thrash 

Grog – Macabre Requiems, Reissue (Helldprod) – death metal

Haavard – S/T (Independent) – folk

Harvest Gulgaltha – Ancient Woods (Godz Ov War) – black / death

H.C. Behrendtsen – S/T (Schatulle Bömm) – math rock

He Is Legend – Endless Hallway (Spinefarm) – rock

Heiden – Andzjel (Independent) – black metal

Her Shadow – The Ghost Love Chronicles (Svart) – pop gaze

Incursion – Blinding Force (No Remorse) – heavy / power metal

Inverted Matter – Harbinger (Avantgarde Music) – death metal

Kurushimi – Return III: Death, EP (Art As Catharsis) – avant-garde death / drone / grind

Lamentations  – Passion of Depression (Willowtip) – prog death

Last In Line – A Day In The Life, EP (earMUSIC) – metal

Leatherwolf – Kill The Hunted (N.I.L.8) – heavy metal

Locrian – Archive 3: Visible/Invisible (Independent) – metal

Lord of Horns – The Forest at Dark (Sliptrick) – black metal

L.S. Dunes – Past Lives (Fantasy Recordings) – rock

Lumnos – A Glimpse Through the Event Horizon (Flowing Downward) – atmospheric black metal

Merryweather Stark Wackerman – Cosmic Affect (Metalville) – rock

MetheS – Demons Of My Soul (Independent) – death metal

MMXX – Sacred Cargo (Candlelight) – doom

Monster Magnet – Test Patterns: Vol. 1 (God Unknown) – metal

Munroe’s Thunder – The Black Watch (RFL) – power metal

Nattmaran X Terror Cross – Rise of the Nightmare Terror (Wise Blood) – thrash / punk

Nexwomb – S/T (Godz Ov War) – black / death

Norrskold – Prisma Aeturnus (Independent) – melodic death metal 

Oak – The Quiet Rebellion Of Compromise (Karisma Records) – prog rock

Orbiter – Head Wounds, EP (Salvaged) – post-metal

Phantasos – Last Shining Breath (Flowing Downward) – black metal

Remina – Strata (Avantgarde Music) – doom / gothic

Rook Road – S/T (Independent) – rock

Sconsacrata – Paroxysms (Trepanation Recordings) – black / thrash

Seething Akira – Nozomi (FiXT) – metalcore

Seventh Station – Heal The Unhealed (Independent) – rock

Skin Failure – Radillac (Small Pond) – progressive thrash / hardcore

Sorgetid – Natt av Tusen Dödsfall (Werewolf) – black metal

Soul Grinder – Anthems From The Abyss (MDD) – death metal

Spider God – Fly In The Trap (Repose) – melodic black metal

Trhä – Endlhëtonëg, Cassette Edition (Flowing Downwardblack metal

Trup – Nie (Godz Ov War) – black / death

Vittra – Blasphemy Blues (Border Music) – melodic death / thrash

Void Cruiser – Call of the Void (Argonauta) – psych rock

Void Moon – Waste of Mind (Obelisk Polaris) – doom

Ymir – Aeons Of Sorrow (Werewolf) – black metal

Zeke Sky – Intergalactic Demon King (Atomic Fire) – psych metal

Zëlot – Supplices, EP (Chien Noir) – black metal


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