Initial Descent: April 16 – 22, 2023


Some of y’all’s responses to 72 Seasons have been hilarious. The funniest are these: “man I only listened to a minute and a half or so and had to turn it off.” I mean, for real?! LOL me off my chair. While I will admit that it would benefit from some trimming, this is the best version of Metallica we’ve had in…a while. But, whatever, just go back to your latest Jester Race clone and keep lapping that up. Anyway, we got another new list of metal and other things on the heavy spectrum for you and grind captains Birdflesh kick us off this week. Next up are Margarita Witch Cult (bad ass band name alert) with an all in but the kitchen sink approach to psychedelics, Grave Pleasures are back to prove why they are holding down the best goth band tag, and Dorthia Cottrell gives a damn class on how to do vary dark americana / folk / country / etc. And, as always, there’s many more in the list that follows these four. Happy hunting…

Birdflesh – Sickness In The North (Everlasting Spew) – grind

Margarita Witch Cult – S/T (Heavy Psych Sounds) – industrial doom and other heaviness

Grave Pleasures – Plagueboys (Century Media) – goth

Dorthia Cottrell - Death Folk Country

Dorthia Cottrell – Death Folk Country (Relapse) – dark

Also on tap:

Anthem – Crimson & Jet Black (Reaper Entertainment) – heavy metal

Argenthorns – The Ravening (Avantgarde Music) – symphonic black metal

Astral Sleep – We Are Already Living In The End Of Times (Saarni) – doom

Atavistia – Cosmic Warfare (Independent) – metal

Avgmnt – Seqvences (Independent) – industrial

Barditus – Dein Schwert (Purity Through Fire) – neofolk

Blödtar – Det förtegna förflutna (Nordvis) – black metal

Blood Star – First Sighting (Shadow Kingdom) – heavy metal

Bonginator – The Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot (Barbaric Brutality) – stoner death

Caedeous – Malum Supplicium (Black Sunset) – symphonic black metal

Cani Dei Portici – Hype For Nothing (Time To Kill) – noise

Century – The Conquest Of Time (No Remorse Records) – heavy metal

Cilvarium – New Beginning (Sliptrick) – ambient 

Circle of Sighs – Circle of Sighs Performs an Invocation (Pillars of Creation Rkds) – doom / prog

Dawn of Ouroboros – Velvet Incandescence (Prosthetic) – black / prog

Decipher – Arcane Paths To Resurrection (Transcending Obscurity) – black metal

Dimwind – The Futility of Breathing (Independent) – post-metal

Dope Skum – Gutter South, EP (Independent) – sludge

Dozer – Drifting in the Endless Void (Blues Funeral) – psych sludge

Dyspläcer – Temple Heights (Independent) – New Wave of Traditional Kung Fu Heavy Metal

Ember Sea – Shine (My Dying Star) (Green Bronto) – goth

Eternal White Trees – The Summer That Will Not Come (My Kingdom Music) – dark metal

Evermore – In Memoriam (Scarlet) – power metal

Exploding Corpse Action – Inter-Dimensional Annihilation: 1995 – 1997 (Armageddon) – grind

Fall of Earth – From The Ashes (Independent) – metalcore

Gyrdleah – Spellbinder (Independent) – atmospheric black metal

Hämärä – Ivory Tower (WormHoleDeath) – symphonic black / death

Heretic Cult Redeemer – Flagellum Universalis (Ill Damnation) – black / death

Hirax – Hate, Fear and Power, Reissue (Armageddon Label) – thrash

Hirax – Raging Violence, Reissue (Armageddon Label) – thrash

John Cxnnor X The Devil’s Trade – Live at Roadburn (Season of Mist / Pelagic) – folk

Jonathon Stewart – Syncopated Angel (No Remorse Records) – heavy metal

Kouta – Kaarnakoydet (Independent) – black / folk

Magnify The Sound – Don’t Give Us That Face (Crispin Glover) – experimental

Magnus Rosen Band – It’s Time To Rock The World Again (X-World) – rock

Mavorim – Ab Amitia Pulsae (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Morrath – Centuries of Blindness (Independent) – death metal

MMXX – The New Wave (Candlelight) – doom

Nachtig – Eisig’ Romantik (Purity Through Fire) – death / doom

Nethermancy – Worship Evil Sacrifice (Helldprod) – black metal 

Nightside – Lions, Demo 2023 (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Orme – S/T (Trepanation Recordings) – doom

Orpheus Omega – Portraits, EP (Independent) – melodic metal

Pestifer – Defeat Of The Nemesis (Debemur Morti Productions) – death metal

Predatory Void – Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being (Century Media) – metal

Revolution Saints – Eagle Fight (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) – rock

Sarmat – Dubious Dusk (I, Voidhanger) – progressive metal

Sintage – Paralyzing Chains (High Roller Records) – heavy metal

Skinher – Heartstruck (Aural Music) – rock

Smackbound – Hostage (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) – melodic metal

Smoulder – Violent Creed of Vengeance (Cruz Del Sur Music) – heavy metal 

Stryfe – Cursed Theatre (WormHoleDeath) – modern metal

Tanith – Voyage (Metal Blade) – metal

Terms – All Becomes Indistinct (SKiN GRAFT) – noise

Terzo – S/T (Icons Creating Evil Art) – darkwave

The 69 Eyes – Death of Darkness (Atomic Fire) – goth rock

The Eating Cave – The Miscalculation (Independent) – tech death

These Beasts – Cares, Wills, Wants (Magnetic Eye) – sludge / noise

Trading Aces – Rock ‘n’ Roll Homicide (Ripple Music) – metal

Trapped In Thought – For Those Who Never Came Home (Independent) – rock

Ulvedharr – Inferno XXXIII (Scarlet Records) – death metal

Unchosen Ones – Sorrow Turns To Dust (Independent) – power metal

Undrask – God Emperor (Independent) – melodic metal 

V:XII – Lu-cipher Sabbatean (Sentient Ruin) – black / death / industrial

Wolfnaut – Return of the Asteroid (Ripple Music) – stoner


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