Initial Descent: April 23 – 29, 2023

Pro tip: if you’re sending promos and don’t get to the point right off the bat (band, album, label, and genre) don’t expect a deep dive seeing as most blogs get between 50 and 100 a day. Just sayin’. Alright then, we’ve got a new week and fresh new batch of killer to get to. Death doomsters Pestilence kick things off this week in the sickest way possible and that’s a good thing, Enforced give a class on how to do death infused thrash properly, Vadiat get in the death metal feels, and Tunic offer up some exquisite noise which we don’t have enough of these days. So, dig in and find your new favorite. See you here throughout the week.

Pustilence – Beliefs of Dead Stargazers and Soothsayers (Memento Mori / Rotted Life) – death / doom metal

Enforced - War Remains

Enforced – War Remains (Century Media) – thrash / death [interview]

Vadiat – Spear of Creation (Redefining Darkness Records) – death metal

Tunic - Wrong Dream

Tunic – Wrong Dream (Artoffact) – noise

Also on tap:

Aleister – Nightmare (M&O Music) – thrash

Allochiria – Commotion (Venerate Industries) – post-metal

Austere – Corrosion of Hearts (Prophecy / Lupus Lounge) – black metal

Chrome Waves – Earth Will Shed It’s Skin (M-Theory Audio) – post black metal

Crack Up – Blood Is Life, Reissue (MDD) – death metal

Cradle of Filth – Trouble And Their Double Lives (Napalm Records) – symphonic black metal

Danava – Nothing But Nothing (Tee Pee) – rock

Dead Express – Game Changer (Independent) – rock

Defiled – The Highest Level (Season of Mist) – death metal

Elephant Rifle – Broken Water (Learning Curve) – noise

Emissary – S/T (Dying Victims Productions) – heavy metal

Enchantya – Cerberus (Inverse) – symphonic goth

Fatuous Rump – I Am At Your Disposal (Brutal Mind/Fat Tub of Lard) – death metal

Fimbulvet – Portale (Trollzorn) – metal

Fires In The Distance – Air Not Meant For Us (Prosthetic) – melodic death / doom

Giöbia – Acid Disorder (Heavy Psych Sounds) – acid rock / psych

Ibliss – (((Unholy))) (Helter Skelter Productions / Regain Records) – stoner doom

Ignea – Dreams Of Lands Unseen (Napalm Records) – death metal

Ironmaster – Weapons Of Spiritual Carnage (Black Lion Records) – death metal

Kaal Akuma – Turiya, EP (Nuclear Winter) – death metal

King Potenaz – Goat Rider (Argonauta) – occult stoner doom

Lord Mortvm – Dead Christ Baptism (Helter Skelter / Regain) – black / doom

Lost Circus – S/T (FHM Records) – hard rock

Lucifuge – Monoliths of Wrath (Dying Victims Productions) – speed

Lunar Chamber – Shambhallic Vibrations (20 Buck Spin) – metal

Mars Red Sky – Mars Red Sky & Queen of the Meadow, EP (Mrs Red Sound / Vicious Circle) – psych / folk

Messa – Live at Roadburn (Svart) – doom

Mistral – In the Throes of Losing Love (Onism / Folkvangr) – post-black metal

Mother of Graves – In Somber Dreams, Vinyl Issue (Wiseblood) – death / doom

Mouth Wound – Nothing Will Belong To Us (Brucia) – ambient 

Mushroom Giant – In A Forest (Bird’s Robe Records) – instrumental rock

Nautha – Metempsychosis (Argonauta) – psych rock

Necronomicon – Constant To Death (El Puerto) – thrash

Numeron – Road To Valhalla (Tragedy Productions) – atmospheric darkness

Orphans of Dusk – Spleen (Hypnotic Dirge) – gothic doom

Orsak:Oslo – In Irons (Vinter) – rock

OSM – Plagued By Doubts (Klonosphere) – prog metal

Runemagick – Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind (Hammerheart) – death / doom

Sáasil – Ephemeral (These Hands Melt) – post-black metal

Savage Existence – S/T (Independent) – metalcore

Sentinel Sirens – Orbithon Wave (Chaos Records) – thrash

Sleepsculptor – Divine Recalibration (Silent Pendulum) – metalcore

Tarchon Fist – Soldiers In White (Underground Symphony) – metal

TerranocT – Icon Of Ruin (Independent) – metal

The Medea Project – Reflections (Trepanation) – goth doom

Underxted – Carnage (Sliptrick) – industrial

Úzkost – “23 Ribs”, Single (Independent) – black / doom / death

Valgrind – Millennium of Night Bliss (Memento Mori) – death metal

Vaultwraith – Decomposing Spells (Hells Headbangers) – black / heavy

Vulvanic – ブ / 者 (Sentient Ruin) – raw black metal

Withered Hand – How To Love (Reveal Records) – folk rock


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