Quickies: May 21, 2014

My MDF vacation is officially underway. At long last. With all the MDF talk here this week, I’m gathering a sense that those who AREN’T going to MDF are probably starting to hate this site. Either out of jealousy or boredom. Either way… not a single shit has been given. That said, the Quickies are a great way to get your fill on everything else in the metal world outside of MDF! …So why not kick off today’s Quickies with an MDF related headline??

Where to begin? Probably with the performer asking for circle pit. And then there’s the punch… I don’t get people. Anyway, no more Quickies for today. Tomorrow’s Quickies will be brought to you while Dan is literally on his way to Baltimore! Isn’t that exciting! No, not really.


– Corey

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up. 

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