Stage Dive: Show That Riled You Up The Most?

In one of our earlier Stage Dives, we asked you all what the rowdiest concert you ever attended was. Naturally, I have been to a lot of shows that were exceptionally rowdy that I happened to be rather apathetic about. I think about Between the Buried and Me, Hatebreed, and numerous festivals where I waited (very) patiently through numerous crummy opening acts for a chance to see the headliner. (See: Behemoth at this year’s Metal and Hardcore Festival in Worcester). But I would like to present the other side of this spectrum:


This guy!

Let’s not forget the definition of ‘riled’, folks. “Aroused to the point of impatience or anger…”. That’s is a state of mind I am very familiar with. For me, this is that level of energetic that pushes the boundary of angry. You know when you’re just so fired up with aggression? It’s like a get-the-fuck-out-of-the-way-shits-gonna-get-epic kinda feel.

There have been a lot of shows like that. Seriously. And I can think of three of my top five that took place within the last couple years. One would have been the aforementioned Behemoth gig–let’s be real, taking into consideration the bands I dealt with to see that set… the definition above is accurate. Aside from that there was the first time I saw Wintersun and then The Ocean show because of how into it the band was. Allegaeon earns a shout out as well. But, the top of the top for me was my experience seeing Lamb of God in the first semester of freshman year at Syracuse…

These guys!

This is back in 2007, right after Sacrament came out. I was as high on this band as ever. The story behind this show needs to be told. This was in Albany. We were in Syracuse. It was the winter. My friend Mike and I dropped easily $100 each for a roundtrip bus on a weeknight for this show. We get to Albany and it’s maybe 20 degrees. We have no money so we walk three miles to the venue, eat shitty Chinese food because we’re poor and then stand in the cold for two hours waiting for the doors. We sit through Soilwork, Devildriver, and Killswitch Engage… who were fine. But the crowds for these bands were INSANE. I wasn’t with them. Finally LoG graced us with their presence and I absolutely went off. Moshed until I couldn’t stand, circle pits (see: ‘Vigil’), headbanging, everything. Just went berserk. It was like I was on speed. For the full set. Throwing my body around like a maniac. I just snapped. For over an hour just completely off the wall. After the everything from the day and the buildup to the set… it all just boiled over. Eventually, I survived the set and the long, cold trip home, getting back by basically sunrise. I didn’t leave bed the better part of the next day. Worst concert hangover off my life (although substances that I can now legally consume have pushed that). Honestly, the majority of that set is lost from me. And I was stone sober. Nothing has eclipsed that level to this point. Insane. It’s a story I’ve needed to share here for awhile.

But enough rambling by me. What say you? Any concerts that just made absolutely lose it?

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

– Corey

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

One thought on “Stage Dive: Show That Riled You Up The Most?

  1. Dan October 1, 2014 / 12:33 pm

    First time I saw Kvelertak, no doubt. Shit was righteous.

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