Monday Merriment: That time Black Veil Brides were mistaken for girls

Metal Monday, everyone! You may have noticed the lack of a Sunday Side-Splitter post this past weekend, and for once, this was not due to Corey or myself getting tied up with other commitments in our schedules. As we mentioned in Episode 26, we’re making some changes to try and streamline the Horns Up experience, both online and on the podcast. One of our strategies on that front? No more weekend content. Because who wants to sit at their computer and look at a blog post over the weekend? Henceforth, we’ll be posting new episodes of the podcast every FRIDAY (except in extreme circumstances) and, more to the point for this particular post, have moved our Sunday Side-Splitter series to Monday and renamed it “Monday Merriment.” It’ll be exactly the same idea, just a different alliteration and day on the calendar.

That being said, for this week’s edition of Monday Merriment, we’re going to revisit a story that, yes, we already Quickie’d earlier this year, but that’s also hilarious enough to bear repeating in full. Let’s talk about that time Black Veil Brides almost drowned, and then were mistaken for ladies by the lifeguards that saved them!

Thankfully, the incident (which starts about 2:30 into the video above) was documented on an episode of the Australian reality TV show Bondi Rescue, because I for one feel the world is a better place for having this opportunity to make fun of Black Veil Brides. I’m not going to play the masculine/feminine card to describe certain types of music, because that’s a can of worms best left unopened. However, the idea of an incredibly image-conscious band (from album to album, they’ve gone from looking like characters from a Tim Burton anime wet dream to looking like a poor man’s Avenged Sevenfold) having so poorly-defined a real-life image as to be mistaken for the opposite gender…it’s pretty damn hilarious. Also, look at the second promo photo–I’d probably mistake the two band members on the right hand side for ladies 8 times out of 10.

People may criticize my choice here because it could have involved someone drowning, and it’s never fun to make fun of death, blah blah blah. To that, I say: “almost.” They almost drowned, presumably because they went out into the ocean despite an apparent inability to swim. They did not, however, drown. So therefore this is stupid and hilarious. Also, one of the band members calls himself Jinxx, so he deserves all of the laughter.

Anyway, that’ll do it for this week’s Monday Merriment. Check back for Quickies later on!


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

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