Daily ‘Bang: Check out a new track from OUTRE


Well, this certainly was a nice break in the action at the day job. (Using the term “action” loosely, of course.)

In any case, ahead of their forthcoming full-length debut, Ghost Chants, Kraków, Poland-based blackened deathsters Outre released a new song from the album for streaming earlier this week. And was this thing ever captivating. Check out the terrific “Chant 3 – The Fall” after the jump.

It’s been a turbulent last few weeks for Outre, what with the sudden departure of vocalist Andrzej Nowak in mid-December. To fill in on vocals for Ghost Chants, the band enlisted fellow Polish scene vet Stawrogin (Odraza, Massemord)—a move that, if this track is any indicator, should pay nice dividends.

“The Fall” stands out most for one basic quality: Outre’s innate ability to seamlessly and tastefully blend stylistic elements from different subgenres into their songwriting. This was a hallmark feature on the band’s debut EP, Tranquility, and their split album with Thaw—and if anything, they’ve done it even better here. We hear blast beats seguing into double-kick-drum groove patterns, and feel an initial black metal cacophony gradually disintegrating into a calmer, yet no-less haunting soundtrack to your worst nightmares. And all the while, the band sounds fuller and more immersive than they ever have, thanks to a stellar mix and mastering job from Mgla mastermind (and fellow Kraków native) M.

All in all, five tremendous minutes. The band has yet to set a formal release date for Ghost Chants, but it’s one you’ll want to keep your eyes out for. We certainly will be.


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