New Blogger Alert–Welcome Josh and Jesse!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day, all! How’s everyone getting down today—beer? Jameson? Both?

Well, we here at Horns Up are celebrating today with two more additions to our team! For those keeping score at home, that brings us up to six team members—otherwise known as the point at which politicians start citing our blogging family as grounds for either welfare or abstinence-only sex education, depending on your side. Either way, exciting stuff!

So without any further ado, we’re pleased to introduce our newest contributors: Josh Stewart and Jesse Dolman! Here’s a bit more about both of these dapper gents in their own words:



In the middle of the summer of ’74 I landed on this earth in South Carolina and had a pretty typical childhood. Classic rock and 70’s outlaw country were the staples of my house hold and to this day I still enjoy both. Around the age of seven I got my first true stereo system, and along with it three albums—the classic self-titled debuts from KISS and Iron Maiden, and ZZ Top’s “Degüello”—and as they say, the rest was history. The metal bug had bitten hard. Around the age of eleven I found my other love in horror movies. I really can’t remember a night through school that I didn’t fall asleep to either some sort of horror on the VCR or metal through my speakers.

Through the years I’ve been to every metal show I can and still get to them whenever possible. Being an “old,” my bounce-back abilities are waning, but I’ll still gladly suffer a couple days of torture to get to see any band I like perform. One of these days I’m going to finally go to Maryland Deathfest, and hope to also get to get to experience Housecore Horror Fest. Metal has been a huge part of my life, and writing about it at least in a sense gives me the ability to give something back to the music that has given me so much through the years.

Josh is on Twitter at @jshstew. Give him a follow!



In his early teens, Jesse heard Metallica’s track “Creeping Death”. Since then, he’s been plunging himself further into the depths of metal to get his hands on the vilest and loudest music out there.

It wasn’t long until he discovered his current love: black metal. From the moment he unearthed the gems of the Norwegian scene with bands like Mayhem and Emperor, he went on to explore other European black metal scenes. These days, he’s mostly into bands from France, Ukraine and Greece. Along the way, he developed a taste for folk music as well—a trait genetically engraved in him as both his parents play the bagpipe. (Luckily, this has not affected his hearing.)

From his native Holland, Jesse has written about music for several publications (both print and digital), and now he has landed at Horns Up to offer his honest, straightforward views on the latest black and folk metal releases.

In addition to joining us here at Horns Up, Jesse also runs Black Ivory Tower, a website and magazine covering black metal, neofolk and other genres. You can follow him on Twitter at @degtBIT.

Keep an eye out for Josh and Jesse’s first posts later this week. Until then, welcome aboard, gents!

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

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