Wake up and Smell the Satan!


Well, well, well. We’ve reached another Friday. Let’s just go ahead and consider the weekend officially underway. And I couldn’t be more excited to kick things off. Unlike last week, we do in fact have members of our staff active today. But that doesn’t mean posts like this should be a one-off. No no. “Wake up and Smell the Satan!” is here to stay. And we’ve got another gem for you this week.

I’m going to keep things brief, however. I got back from Portland very late after seeing Slayer play at the State Theater and am frankly… beat to shit. The show was surprisingly amazing and I did more moshing than I had in some time. So needless to say, I am hungover and sore. But the weather is nice… the metal is black… and everything is right in the world. When all those things come together, the first thing that crosses my mind is The Black Satans…

Doesn’t that just remind you of summer? Now get out there, get your freak on, and enjoy the nice weather. And most importantly remember… Satan loves you.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

– Corey

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