Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – July 3, 2015


Salve and greetings. It’s July 3rd which means that tomorrow will be the 4th of July. That means, if you live in America, you will be eating copious amounts of mayonnaise-filled salads and eating grilled delights of the carnivorous and/or vegetable delight. It also means that you will be imbibing heavy amounts of calorie-heavy alcohol and, hopefully, lighting off exploding rockets commonly known as fireworks. The explosions and resulting smoke, combined with your drunken haze should make you fee as if you’re in a war zone. Maybe not an ancient one with swords and such but a war zone nonetheless.

So with all that in mind, here is a selection of black metal that is sure to get you ready for battle. Even if you don’t live in America, we encourage you to take tomorrow to get excessively drunk and enjoy the life that you have made for yourself. No matter what the quality, being alive is a pretty great thing. It sure beats being dead, unless you’re one of the chosen few that gets to be a demon or Balrog of that ancient abyss.

Regardless, here is New Zealand’s best, Diocletian, with what we now know was their final album, last year’s Gesundrian. Enjoy! And remember, Hail Satan!


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