Album Review: Destruktor – “Opprobrium”

Destruktor - Opprobrium

After six years, Destruktor‘s finally returned with a new album, titled Opprobrium. Part thrash, part black, part death and all killer, Opprobrium is more cohesive than their previous album, Nailed, while also managing to be even more Satanic and vicious. It may only be the second full-length in their 18 years as a band, but it’s well worth the wait. 
Simply put, the guys in Destruktor just don’t fuck around. The lead-off track, “Priestiality,” starts with a doom-laden intro that melts into a skull smasher of double kicks and edgy guitars. And from the first helping of Glenn Destruktor’s barking vocals, you know he’s going to be what sets the album apart. His delivery helps to separate each different musical style, preventing them from blending together and sounding monotonous from song to song.

The lead intro to “Eradication” is one of the best thrash passages I’ve heard to this point in the year, and the rest of the song neatly follows suit. A tour de Satanic force, it injects just the right amount of black metal goodness to get the job done. And if you like a good guitar solo, you’ll want to check out the one in “Besieged.” It’s the kind of passage that makes you imagine the band smashing their instruments on stage, then setting them on fire.

But the highlight of the album is closer “Forever the Blood Shall Flow,” which showcases everything the band has to offer. Over its nearly-nine-minute run time, we hear a somber opening riff, some terrific drum work and, eventually, a full-on death metal attack. (Not to mention some of Glenn’s best vocal work to date.)

In the end, Opprobrium puts together a great combination of metal styles in a quick, half-hour burst. It’s heavy, evil and, most importantly, effortless. A terrific return from the Aussies.


Opprobrium is available now on Hells Headbangers. For more information on Destruktor, visit the band’s Facebook page.

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