Album Review: Deiphago – “Into the Eye of Satan”

deiphago into the eye of satan

In a sea of blackened death metal, black metal, death metal, grindcore, thrash and the all encompassing “extreme metal” Deiphago stands out as only one thing: Deiphago. Their unique blend of Satan-centric black metal is on full display throughout their new LP Into the Eye of Satan. It’s a mesmerizing trip — filled with blasting beats, chaotic songwriting and nearly free-jazz, ritualistic guitar work in one of their best collections to date.

The blasphemic nature of Deiphago’s work is on full display throughout Into the Eye of Satan; most songs call Satan by name as their chaotic guitars and blast beats swirl in confusion. The lead guitar is the highlight. Blurringly fast chromatic runs solidify the core of the lead lines while a canon and arpeggio-like rhythm guitar lend support. The lead sounds as if a mad scientist playing dodecaphonic music has taken over in lead electric violin. It’s shredding in its most basic form — where the guitar is used to conjure up sounds and images rather than merely to show off.

The vocals are, as mentioned, blasphemy in its rawest form. Tormented screams lead the way, often supported by a chorus of thick, guttural and hellish harmonies as on “Red Dragon of Chaos.” As the vocals scream repeatedly “Satan!” a voice of most hellish proportions lends support—almost as if the band is having a call and response with the dark lord himself.

On what is only their fourth full-length to date, the trio have annihilated the walls of reason. Into the Eye of Satan is a work that stands upon the precipice, with one foot firmly rooted in the classics and the other in modern insanity. Deiphago has never been afraid to take their brutality above a simple, straightforward level. But on Into The Eye of Satan, they push the boundaries even further, adding tonal structures and modular affectations to the instrumentation which lend their music an authenticity and originality not often seen in their genre. In the end, Deiphago is a band that defies logic.


Into the Eye of Satan will be available August 7 on Hells Headbangers. For more information on Deiphago, visit the band’s Facebook page.

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