Visions ov Hell: Saxon – “Battering Ram”

Saxon - Battering Ram

Formed officially in 1978, the UK’s traditional heavy metal statesmen Saxon will be releasing their 21st full length, Battering Ram in October. Ahead of the album the band has released the video to the title track, which is the focus of this edition of Visions ov Hell. To put it in perspective, I was four when they officially took the name Saxon, I’m sure if they see this they’ll think “ah what the hell man.” Seriously, this is what you need to get Monday started, straight ahead metal with guys that have ate, slept and bled it for years.
We start off with a serene looking countryside and of a building on what appears to be a farm. The camera pans, with quick motions, to the inside of this building and expose a full live performance set up of instruments, wires and, of course, Saxon. As the band fires into the opening of the track we get different shots showing all of the members.

This video is half performance and half varying scenes depicting the meaning of the song title. Anything from two rams colliding to trains in a head on collision to my personal favorite mishap, an airplane full speed ahead into a wall. More band shots where hair swinging head banging ensues and an exceptional guitar solo just reaffirms Saxon still has it. So, get the week off to a good start and dive into this high energy track below. You can thank me later.

– Josh

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