Visions ov Hell: The Shades – “Satanists Go Hard, Bro”


This week’s Vision ov Hell is a bit of a special edition. But the fact is, the most recent episode of The Shades cannot go without proper discussion. Now, The Shades should sound familiar to many of you as it has come up on multiple occasions on The Nine Circles Podcast. However, if you have failed to check it out to this point, the third episode titled “Satanists Go Hard, Bro” is the perfect time to change all that.

Conceived from the mind of our very own co-host emeritus, Kevin Davis, and produced with… friend, Mike Barnett, The Shades offers a satirical look at religious extremism. Which religion? All the religions. And let’s be real, there is a lot of humor to be found in religion. We are no strangers to thriving off similar concepts here at Nine Circles. As such, we obviously find The Shades nothing short of phenomenal.

In “Satanists Go hard, Bro”, Hailey and John, a married couple only recently moved into a neighborhood filled with religious fanatics, are exposed to a satanic frat house called Alpha Sigma Satan (!!!!). Obviously, this is an idea that I hold close to my heart. Yet, who knew just how entertaining the intersection of Satanism and fraternity life could actually be? Goat sacrifices, lacrosse sticks, beer, a pledge in a goat mask and thong… it’s all here. And it’s all amazing. Not to mention that every I time I heard “Destroy her, Corey”, I laughed rather audibly. Because I like myself and that statement amuses me. But anyway, I demand you all watch the full episode below. It’s worth it on every level.

As I mentioned, this is the third installment in the first season of The Shades. The previous episodes can be viewed over at and on their YouTube channel. For upcoming announcements for new episodes and other content, be sure to follow The Shades on Facebook and Instagram as well. You’ll be glad you did.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

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