Best of 2015: Billy Myers of The Glorious Rebellion

the glorious rebellion

As we continue to draw closer to the end of the year, the next featured band in our Best of 2015 series comes to us from Orlando, Florida. Noise rockers The Glorious Rebellion have been busy gearing up to release their new album Euphoric next April, which I suggest you all to be on the lookout for. In the meantime, however, guitarist/vocalist Billy Myers III was kind enough to share some his favorite albums from the past year with us.

Billy Myers’ Top 10

Ok, so top 10 for 2015. This will not be easy and I don’t think I can put these in any specific order of “rank,” but these are standouts to me:

1. KEN Mode – Success
KEN Mode is a great band and one of the best live acts out there. This is a more noise rock record than previous releases and it does not pull punches.

2. Fight Amp – Constantly OFF
Another great band in general putting out a much more focused and solidly written record. Every song is killer.

3. Blacklisters – Adult
Amazing band from across the Atlantic carrying on the Jesus Lizard tradition with a lot more ferociousness.

4. Faith No More – Sol Invictus
One of my favorite bands of all time put out a new record this year and it was everything I hoped it would be. Fuck yeah!

5. Ad Nauseum – EP
These are good friends of ours from our hometown, Orlando. They are the nastiest/noisiest live act I’ve ever seen. This was put out on Broken Limb and it captures them quite well.

6. Retox – Beneath California
Everything Justin Pearson does is interesting and of high quality.

7. Cherubs – 2 YNFYNYTY
Cherubs rule. They make insane rock and roll and give absolutely zero fucks, which is part of why they rule.

8. Torche – Restarter
Torche put out another amazing record this year. They’re one of those bands that you can immediately recognize sonically. This one was a bit heavier than they’ve done in a while so that was cool.

9. Metz – II
I’m new to Metz so I was still digging on their last record when this one came out. It’s a killer rock and roll album. Love it.

10. Pigs – Wronger
Anything related to Unsane is usually good. This is no exception.

Thank you to Billy for his time! As I mentioned, be ready for Euphoric to drop next April and be sure to check out linked below from their Bandcamp page. For more information on The Great Rebellion, head over to their official Facebook page.

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