Visions ov Hell: Abhorrent Deformity – “Boundless Suffering”

abhorrent deformity boundless suffering

Today’s video is brought to you by North Carolina based artists of brutal death metal, Abhorrent Deformity. The video is for “Boundless Suffering” a track off their 2015 release Entity of Malevolence. In contrast to their absolute brutality and demented nature, the boys made a video that is actually rife with humor. So follow the jump to watch a well-made and completely DIY home video including blood pizza, demons and graphite artistry.

Pretty much the last thing you would expect from a band called Abhorrent Deformity is a lively pizza party full of cashew milk, laughter and puppies. (Don’t worry. No puppies were harmed during the filming.) But that’s exactly what you get from Abhorrent Deformity. Pretty much a band hanging out, having a blast and truly enjoying their friendship. And it really doesn’t get any better than that in life. I’m always excited to see the more fun side of metal, the bands that don’t take themselves too seriously. As the cast of the video continuously almost breaks into uncomfortable laughter, you, the viewer, feel much closer to the demented, talented and absolutely brutal (slightly technical) band. So enjoy!

– Manny-O-War

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