Sepulchral Saturdays: Obduktio – “Obduktio”

Obduktio - Obduktio

On their self titled debut, Obduktio wreck eardrums with fast paced death metal bolstered with crusty punk muscle. It’s an album’s worth of the gritty, old school death sound but at twice the speed. These guys hail from Finland, which we covered here and here, so they get quality points by default. But points alone would sell this debut short. What they deliver here is an unwavering and intense performance from start to finish. Further making the case for Finland’s penchant for turning out some truly great metal.

Obduktio has been available in the digital format since July of last year. Now, Caligari Records is releasing it on limited cassette. Manny-O-War said it best about Caligari, here, and I echo his sentiment. The label is outstanding when it comes to nasty and brutal underground metal. So please take a minute to check them out. It’s easy to see why this band fits well among their roster.

The lyrics and song titles are done in the band’s native tongue so google translate is a nice tool to have. The band’s name means Autopsy, and consequently they channel this veteran death metal band very well on “Käsissämme”. Here, the band locks into a catchy groove reminiscent of the heavy bass lines and slower tempo of the more doom inspired tracks from Mental Funeral.

Then there’s the rest of the album — full of short blasts in the vein of Repulsion. The bass is prominent throughout so it never loses that old school feel. The intensity and speed border on grindcore pacing, particularly so on “Mafia” and “Jumala”. The guttural vocals in Finnish are a shock to the system, short barks and unique phrasing is all very different but works well and never overpowers the music.

There’s a brawny punk attitude that comes in waves. Chunky muted chords and rolling percussion all play a part but it’s the way these songs are constructed, quick bursts then a rolling drum line then on to a fast riff verse. When the band is at their quickest these moments have the d-beat sound of Swedish death metal. The production doesn’t hurt either, all instruments have surprisingly clear separation, particularly for the speed in which the band plays. Throughout, it retains that crusty sound — dirty and dense — that works greatly to benefit the album and this type of intensity.

Instead of Obduktio sounding like a debut album, Obduktio sound like they’ve spent decades wallowing in the underbelly of death metal and crust punk. They come away with not only a fun album to listen to but one that holds the attention span hostage with razor wire cuffs. Can’t ask for much more than fast, loud and brash which is precisely what this band has done here.

– Josh

Obduktio is available now on Caligari Records. For more information on Obduktio visit the band’s Facebook page.

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