Album Review: Voivod – “Post Society” EP


I am far from being Nine Circles resident attorney, however, I am going to make an opening statement. Voivod are fucking interdimensional robots. They were developed by coders. Over the years, the operating system has been tweaked but the fact remains. How else can you explain the death and/or decommissioning of Piggy, only to have his trademark sound transferred and downloaded into the new Chewy unit? You can’t. It doesn’t fit. I’m also assuming that when Target Earth was in the beta testing phase, they decided that users weren’t adjusting well to the new system and they implemented a rollback to v2.0. And this isn’t the first time, remember when Blacky and Snake were both assimilated into E-Force? Exactly.

When I’m talking about the rollback to v2.0, I’m speaking about Target Earth basically forgetting the Eric Forrest & Newstead eras. This gritty reboot, as a lifelong fan of Voivod, is a beautiful thing. I can appreciate the industrial Negatron & Phobos but it’s not Dimension Hatröss. I think I basically willed myself into liking the Newstead-era because it was the return of Snake but they were nothing in comparison to Nothingface line-up. It’s a shame that Piggy died before they remastered the sound they pioneered.

With all this said, the new EP Post Society slots itself nicely between Nothingface and Angel Rat, while simultaneously referencing ‘Killing Technology’ directly with the song tile ‘We Are Connected’ and indirectly with riff-recycling from ‘Overreaction’. It’s really a celebration of their glory years without sounding desperate or irrelevant. ‘We Are Connected’ was previously released on a limited split single with At The Gates, and ‘Forever Mountain’ was also previously released on a split, this time with Napalm Death. Both of the previously released tracks almost pale in comparison to the two new songs – ‘Post Society’ and ‘Fall’ rage in a definite Nothingface manner and are a great gauge to where they’re off to next.

The only thing to complain about with the release is the absolutely worthless cover of ‘Silver Machine’ from Hawkwind. It may have been hastily thrown on as a tribute to Lemmy, but as far as their history of taking 70’s psych classics and making them their own, this is just a standard bar-band cover. Like I said, not much to complain about. I, for one, welcome our reworked, reassembled robot overlords.

– Buck D

Post Society is set for release on February 26, 2016. The album is currently available for preorder in the U.S. through Century Media. For more information on Voivod, visit the band’s official Facebook page. Voivod is also currently on a US tour with Eight Bells and Vektor.


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