Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – May 13, 2016

wake-up-and-smell-satanIt is Friday the 13th. And it was on one of these days (in October) of 1307 that my rival faction, those that deny your “true” God snuck into the barracks of those who “protect” the church and slaughtered the Knights Templar in their sleep. Their blood flowed filling the chalices of my army. To this day we keep their blood here in my lair. It’s ready for the next uprising against your false church.Thus, when speaking of such subjects that you would consider to be blasphemy we need to select some music that is both evil and reminiscent of the war that I once waged from the depths of hell against your pearlescent church of sin. It is with demonic revelry and pleasure that I bring you this Diocletian album.

And to my warriors I say: sharpen your swords boys. Saddle your dark ponies. For soon we ride against those that seek to portray us as the evil faction. For we are the true believers. Those who ride and kill for the one true god: Satan.

Hail Satan,

Ritual Grim

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