Visions ov Hell: Periphery – “Marigold”


Much the metal world was taking note of the entertaining new music video from Periphery for the track titled “Marigold” last week. Naturally, due to some other big releases and various things going on, we (I) totally ignored it. Now is the time to make amends and finally watch this curious video. This particular song will be featured on the upcoming Periphery III: Select Difficulty, which drops on July 22nd. In regards to this video, Periphery have long been masters of amusing, animated videos, and this is no exception.

I’ve never been the biggest Periphery fan. In fact, I’ve largely ignored them over the years. But there were some highlights from 2015’s Juggernaut double album (Alpha and Omega) that definitely stuck with me. Since then, I’ve been paying a bit closer attention to the progressive/djent metal that these guys have been putting out. Largely, with this track, I am impressed with the prominent — yet expertly implemented — orchestral elements they’ve utilized. It makes their music, which is still catchy enough to stick with you initially, a bit more impressive sounding. The added depth to their sound is certainly notable. Not a bad track we have here at all.

The video here, directed by Wes Richardson, is as over the top of any video they’ve ever pumped out. Fully animated, we see a handful of human-represented figures (each one maintaining the characters of a certain culture or personality) in an apparent struggle against that machines that are holding them captive. Or, that’s how it appears, as they struggle to reach the main exit. But that brings me to my next point. Little things like the animated/Lego-style expressions on the human characters and the intentionally improper spelling are slight things that make this video even more entertaining. I understand it’s meant to imply humanity without depicting humans, but it’s a clever detail that takes the video a bit further. It’s a cool little story that plays out quickly and is entertaining as virtually every video Periphery has released. They’ve always put out enjoyable videos, and this is no exception. Give a look for yourself.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

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