How Not To Do It – Interview w/ Triple Eye Industries


So this month I decided to do something a bit different and give you a different perspective on “how not to do it.” I usually talk about how not to do things from a PR viewpoint, but this month I decided to ask a label!  Martin Defatte, who is a co-owner of the awesome label TRIPLE EYE INDUSTRIES was a good sport and answered some questions about “how not to do it” from a label perspective.

Read the interview below and then go and check out some of the albums that TRIPLE EYE INDUSTRIES has produced here.

What’s the stupidest thing a band has done when pitching you?

 Well, there’s two things.
1) Don’t attach mp3s to introduction emails or to a Facebook message without me asking for it. Instead, send dropbox, soundcloud or some other streaming method that isn’t ReverbNation that I can download at my own convenience. Why do people still use that? Wanna make sure I don’t listen to your demo? Make it hard for me.
2) This Russian band emailed us about re-releasing a 3-year-old record on vinyl in the US. It was an extremely long, and very detailed email. You know, the “Too Long Didn’t Read” type. They sent us that same email once every 3-4 weeks for half a year. Don’t be that band. If you don’t hear back, keep moving. Also, don’t try to shop old material unless you’re a band with a following and proven sales and you’re just looking to re-issue a record people want.
B. What’s the best thing a band has done to try and get you to sign them?
The best thing? Some new friends from Philly played a show with our band. The show was sparsely attended, but they blew us away. Contacted us a few months later shopping a slamming full length. They simply sent us a quick email and a private Soundcloud stream. Unfortunately, we had to pass because we had two records in the pipeline, had limited funds and time to work on it. We didn’t want to hold up their release. I wish we could have done something for them.
C. What type of advice would you give to bands that would help them be taken seriously when pitching a label.
If the label gives guidelines on how to submit demos listed on their website, follow those instructions. Don’t send the same message to their label email, personal email, label Facebook and personal Facebook. We get it, you’ve just written and recorded the next “Nevermind” and need some validation – but write one, simple, well crafted email. Be straight and to the point. If it doesn’t resonate, just move along to another label. It’s gotta be a love connection on both sides for it to really work.
If you don’t get picked up by a label, put the record out yourselves and tour. Write another record. Shop it. If it doesn’t get picked up, release it yourselves and tour. Eventually, someone will notice or it was never meant to be.

That’s it for this month’s column, I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. You can contact me on Facebook or you can find me on Twitter as @dewarpr. I can also be reached via email at:

– Curtis Dewar

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