Concert Review: Skeletonwitch, Magic Circle, Lich King, and Black Mass (August 2, 2016)


Skeletonwitch was so impressive fronted by Adam Clemans at Decibel Magazine Tour some handful of months ago, I made it a point to catch (and photograph) their headlining tour when it ran through Boston (er, Somerville) last week. This show wasn’t only about the Witch, though. Magic Circle, Lich King, and Black Mass also took the stage this evening and were equally as impressive in their own ways.

This particular show took place at the ONCE Ballroom in Somerville, Massachusetts, a venue I was previously unfamiliar with. Weird, right? It was an interesting setting for music such as this. Crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, the room was relatively brightly lit, and the lounge upstairs offered a glimpse of the action below through large glass windows. I was into it. With a capacity somewhere in the 300-range, it was a decent enough size to let each band bring their own energy. Without getting into took much detail (I’ve got pictures to share, after all), I will take only a minute to acknowledge how much I enjoyed the differences in sound and personalities between these bands.

Boston-based Black Mass offered an enjoyable thrash tempo and delivered a memorable set that will keep them on my radar going forward. Following that, Lich King brought their ridiculous yet hugely entertaining take on… something… that everyone seemed to love. They call it thrash, and I guess that’s close enough. (But seriously, read their info on their Facebook page and try not to be ferociously entertained.)  Then Magic Circle brought the tempo back to Earth with their melodic doom that was both curiously aligned with the other acts, yet very much appreciated. And finally Skeletonwitch just brought the house down for about a full hour. It was a far-reaching lineup in terms of stylistic tendencies, but there’s no question that I fully appreciated the show for it. The sound in the venue was solid, even right up against the front, and the crowd was certainly interactive. Another solid weeknight in one of greater Boston’s many venues. Take a look at some relatively not-shitty pictures.

Black Mass

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Lich King

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Magic Circle

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“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

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