Exclusive Stream: F.A.M. – “Human Cargo”


Deformeathing Productions are pleased to announce that they will release Human Cargo, the new album by Polish death/grind band F.A.M. (Furor Arma Ministrat)on September 3rd 2016. The album is 14 tracks of old-school death/grind in the vein of classic Napalm Death and early Carcass. 
The band has already released an official video for their first single “Junkie”, which you can stream at this location. Listen to two tracks from the album here.


F.A.M. (Furor Arma Minsitrat)  was founded by ex-DISSENTER members Mlody and Stoker. in 2005. The first material called “Panzergrind”, was recorded in 2006 and then In 2007 “Bullet(in)”, the band’s debut record  was released. Since the release of the debut album, the band has made several line-up changes and performed with bands such as Napalm Death, Disfear, Hail of Bullets, Sinister and Squash Bowels.


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