Album Review: Excuse – “Goddess Injustice” (EP, 12″ MLP)

Excuse - Goddess Injustice

Excuse are yet another great example of how the words Finland and quality metal are synonymous on their second EP, Goddess Injustice. Speed and thrash metal make a hell of a racket but in the right hands this pairing can be so satisfying that a mere 18 minutes just isn’t enough. Such is the issue with this insanely addictive EP. It may be short but it certainly shreds from start to finish.

The band’s first EP Path To Extinction was a bullet ride of speed metal but felt too much like a rehash of similar bands from the 80’s. Not that this a bad thing at all but it was unoriginal and even though fun it was also somewhat uninspired. Fast forward to now and it seems adding a new lead guitarist and drummer has made all the difference as this EP echoes the past only as a foundation for an altogether different beast in terms of songwriting and brawny riffs.

“Breaking News (We Told You So)” seeks to echo this sentiment as if to say the band knew the next outing would be their exclamation mark. The biggest connection to the past here is in Atte Aaltonen’s inspired and solo worthy bass work that rightfully gains many a spotlight across these 18 minutes. It’s way out front in the mix and has an incredible tone.

It’s an extremely catchy and focused outing with surprises around every corner. But the crowning moment is the final 3 or so minutes of closer “Baphomet”. This is a display of some of the finest dual guitar work you’re likely to hear this year. And quite possibly some of the best heard in speed and thrash metal since the very early days of Razor and Sacrifice. Excuse own it  and are better as a whole than they’ve been on either their early demo or last EP. They’ve come a long way and are poised for an absolute breakout full length.


On Goddess Injustice Excuse are better, leaner and meaner than they’ve been since forming in 2009. This is a letter perfect example of a band successfully learning from their past, pushing beyond it and coming away with a defining effort. Their sound is loudly cemented and all we have to do is impatiently await more than the 18 minutes of bliss this EP provides.

– Josh

Goddess Injustice will be available September 30 on Hells Headbangers and Shadow Kingdom Records. For more information on Excuse visit the band’s Metallum page.

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