Initial Descent: November 27 – December 3, 2016

Ash Borer
Ash Borer

We’ve officially breached December which means Christmas is right around the corner and I assume you’ve gotten your Abbath snow globe? WHAT…no? Do it. A new month and another week of great metal here on Initial Descent. And if you’ve been paying attention we have had almost a years worth of stacked releases each week. Which should make this years round of best of lists very interesting. Anyway, on to this week which has Ash Borer back with the ridiculously good Irrepassable Gate and honestly what this band does with black metal is jaw dropping, Maligner gives us a thrashingly good time on Demon, Obscure Evil is still plying their massive death metal chops on Void Fumes, progressive metallers Arriver bend time and ears on Emeritus, and Flidais fly the flag for power metal on Kazador. If that was all we had it would be a huge week but we have so much more for you to dive into and dissect so hop to it, after the jump.

Ash Borer - The Irrepassable Gate

Ash Borer – The Irrepassable Gate (Profound Lore) –  black metal [full review]


Maligner – Demon (Unspeakable Axe, Blood Harvest) – death metal, thrash [feature review]


Obscure Evil – Void Fumes (Unspeakable Axe, Caligari) – thrash metal, black metal, satan [feature review]

Arriver - Emeritus

Arriver – Emeritus (Scioto Records) – progressive metal, black metal, death [full review]

Flidais - Kazador

Flidais – Kazador (Independent) – power metal [full review]

Also on tap:

Allfather – Inherit the Dust, Single (Independent) – doom metal

Backwoods Payback – Fire Not Reason (Independent) – grunge rock, metal

Beyond Belief Rave the Abyss (Hammerheart Records) – death metal, doom

Brine – Kill the Ill (Inverted Kite Records) – post-punk

Charlene Beretah – Depraved/A Very Long Week, EP (Division) – sludge metal

Cowards – Still (Throatruiner Records) – metallic hardcore

Crucify Me Gently – Circles (Independent) –  deathcore, black metal

Csigo – Rite of Sounds (Independent) – noise, industrial

Famishgod – Roots of Darkness (Xtreem Music) – doom metal, death metal

Feral – From the Mortuary, EP (Cyclone Empire) – death metal

Ghost of Mary Oblivaeon (Revalve Records) – death metal, gothic

Golden Rusk – What Will Become of Us? (Independent) – death metal

Greyablaze – S/T (Ashen Dominion) – post black metal

Hazzard’s Cure – Smoke Iron Plunder (Lummox Records) – sludge metal, speed

Hollow Earth – Dead Planet (Good Fight Music) – metallic hardcore

Infinite Earths Into The Void (Independent) – technical death metal, progressive Anton Yes

Irae / Moribund – Our Worship To Epidemic Suicide And Death Of The World (War Arts Production) – black metal

Malacoda – Ritualis Aeterna (Independent) – symphonic metal, horror

Misanthropia – Omerta (Via Nocturna) – melodic black metal

Ranger – Speed and Violence (Spinefarm) – speed metal

SROGOSC – Umbra Mortis/Nicosc (Via Nocturna) – atmospheric black metal

Stench Price – S/T (Transcending Obscurity) – grindcore

Steve Moore – The Mind’s Eye (Relapse Records) – soundtrack

Topielica – Uroczysko (Via Nocturna) – rock

Ultha – Converging Sins, DLP (Vendetta Records) – black metal, doom

Violent Magic Orchestra – Catastrophic Anonymous (Throatruiner Records) – progressive black metal

Violet Cold – Magic Night (Tridroid Records) – experimental black metal

Worm Ouroboros – What Graceless Dawn (Profound Lore) – doom metal, dark

Zombieslut – Massive Lethal Flesh Recovery (Zombification Media) – death metal

– Josh

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