Visions ov Hell: Sourvein – “Avian Dawn”


Sourvein. If you know, then nothing else needs to be said. For everyone else, Sourvein is a sludge/doom juggernaut from North Carolina that has been around since 1992 but have never really had the kind of acclaim they should have. True, the band’s story is one of heartbreak after heartbreak, a literal revolving door of musicians and bouts of alcoholism among other things. But Aquatic Occult, their fourth full length, finds the band with a stable home at Metal Blade and with possibly their finest album to date. Today we take a look at Avian Dawn, the just released video from the band’s 2016 release.

Sourvein should, by all accounts, be huge. 2002’s Will to Mangle is arguably the heaviest album you’ve probably never heard and the string of EP’s beginning in 2005 were just as amazing. Nevertheless here we are with “Avian Dawn” which isn’t even the heaviest song on Aquatic Occult but it is the one that embodies Sourvein’s journey the best. The power of the riff has always been front and center with the band’s output and here this is the case as well. Kevin Rochelle’s guitar work combines fluidly with Lou Gorra’s (Halfway to Gone) exemplary bass work to form that bulletproof heaviness that by now is a longstanding trademark of Sourvein. Then there’s the southern sticks of Reed Mullin (COC) that keep the groove together. But truthfully I’ve never heard T-Roy (sole original member) sound better on vocals. Soulful and searing, he sounds like he’s ridding himself of long held demons and actually having a good time doing it.

As for the Randy Ada directed video, its an inside look at the band in the studio recording the track. The tape reels, Orange amps, producer Mike Dean wildly approving of what he’s hearing and T-Roy looking happier than I’ve ever seen him. True, as metal consumers and video watchers we get to see studio work a lot but this particular video is one of triumph over adversity and a man getting a new lease on his dream that he should have had from the beginning. The story of Sourvein is a David and Goliath type of deal but it seems, for now, that the David (T-Roy) has won. I’ve always loved this band and while this video may not be glitzy or blood soaked it’s an inside look at the making of one of this band’s finest moments and for that I’m grateful. And with that I’ve said enough, now it’s time for you to experience it so click that play button below and just let go.

Aquatic Occult is available now on Metal Blade Records. For more information on Sourvein visit their Facebook page.

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