Album Review: Tomb Mold – “Primordial Malignancy”


Sometimes a band’s career is a slow build to something great and sometimes a band comes bursting out of the gate already on fire. Tomb Mold sit squarely in the latter category. The band stands poised to drop Primordial Malignancy, their first full length album and third release in just shy of a year. This frantic pace may seem rushed to some, but Tomb Mold prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their attack is calculated.


Tomb Mold’s two demo tapes were instant hits, with both The Bottomless Perdition and The Moulting selling out their initial pressings, and in The Bottomless Perdition‘s case a second pressing. Yet in spite of the fact that almost every death metal aficionado I know raves about them, I had never quite gotten around to following through on listening to these tapes. So when the promo for Primordial Malignancy landed in the Nine Circles inbox, I knew there was no better time to see what all the fuss was about. After having blasted my ears with this album for some time, I can absolutely say that the hype is justified.

Tomb Mold are a two piece band from the Great White North (Toronto, Canada to be specific) that adhere to a style of death metal that recalls the classic Swedish and Finnish rankness. From the legato stomp of “Bereavement of Flesh” to the rolling riffs of “Merciless Watcher,” there is a foundation here that is clearly laid, yet with a modern aura and just the right touches to keep the vision fresh. To say that Primordial Malignancy is a throwback would be a disservice; the songs on the album clearly pay homage to the band’s influences but do so in a way that is wholly and uniquely their own, without falling into any “retro” or “old-school worship” tropes. The honest love of and admiration for death metal that permeates these songs is what makes this album a success; Primordial Malignancy is a joy to listen to because Max Klebanoff (drums, vocals) and Derrick Vella (guitar, bass) clearly had fun writing and playing these songs.

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Primordial Malignancy is the kind of stick-to-your-ribs death metal that is eternally endearing. Tomb Mold knocked it out of the park on this album, and if you’re like me and missed the boat until now, please do yourself a favor and rectify that as soon as possible.

– Vincent

Primordial Malignancy will be available February 3 on Blood Harvest Records in digital, vinyl and CD format. For more information on Tomb Mold visit their Metal Archives page.

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