Exclusive Stream: Assault – “The Fallen Reich”


Thrash has a heavy hand in the making of many metal acts in the Southeast Asian Region, and many bands still love to pay tribute to this largely influential movement in modern metal. Such is Singaporean death/thrash band Assault and their brand of no-nonsense, no gimmicks metal, a merging of easy death metal songwriting and thrash rhythms. Not of the old-school Slayer brand of 80’s thrash metal, instead, Assault’s style is similar to modern thrash in the guise of newer Death Angel and older Metallica. Such is the case with  their debut full length The Fallen Reich and the exclusive stream of the title track we have for you right after the jump.

There’s plenty of melodic lead work to accompany the chugging rhythm sections, and the guitars, drums and bass sound as if the band members were telepathically linked as they are played. The band sometimes puts the pedal to the metal, and features faster paced thrash good for moshpits. At times, the band features breakdown sections that inspire exuberant headbanging. Make no mistake, Assault features entertaining modern thrash/death metal, and are poised to release more albums of similar quality.


We are featuring an exclusive stream of album title-track “The Fallen Reich,” here on Nine Circles. It is our pleasure as writers to cover bands that don’t have deep major label marketing budgets, and Transcending Obscurity as a label, only seeks to promote quality metal acts from the region and beyond. Therefore, check out our exclusive stream and support the band if you like what they have to offer. Thrash will always have some relevance in the international metal underground, in some form or fashion, and underground sub-genres owe a lasting debt of gratitude to thrash for inspiring hordes of musicians in the 80’s, 90’s and beyond, throughout the world. To round it off, Assault’s The Fallen Reich features cover artwork by legendary artist/musician, Mark Riddick. On behalf of Nine Circles, Assault, and Transcending Obscurity, we hope you enjoy listening to the band’s music below.

Make sure you grab a copy of The Fallen Reich May 10 on Transcending Obscurity and the band’s Bandcamp page. For more information on Assault visit their Facebook page.

– Al Necro



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