Donuts & CANTO: Batushka, GWAR, Between the Buried and Me, and more!


March 31, 2017

Good morning, it’s time to metal. Here’s some news you might have missed from yesterday:

  • Leading off, ’tis the season for Maryland Deathfest cancellations! Word on the Twitter is that Batushka has had to cancel their appearance at this year’s edition of the festival. Not seeing an official statement from either party yet, but…FUUUUUUUUUUCK if true.

  • GWAR have announced that they’ll be releasing a comic called Orgasmageddon in June. As a non-comic-book-reader, I’m pretty neutral on this. However, GWAR is also coming to my hometown in a couple of weeks, which I’m pretty non-neutral on; I’m seeing the shit out of that show.
  • It looks like Between the Buried and Me will be entering the studio in August to record the follow-up to 2015’s Coma Ecliptic. As you may recall, I was all about Coma Ecliptic, so this is some pretty solid news.
  • Not metal-specific, but after a bit of number crunching, the folks at the RIAA found that 2016 marked the U.S. music industry’s first year of double-digit growth since 1998. Did not see that one coming.
  • DragonForce continues to be a thing, for some reason, and they just put out a new song called “Judgement Day.” I made it through about a minute and a half, because it’s not 2002 anymore.
  • And finally, in songs/artists we do care about, Royal Thunder has made a new song called “Plans” available for streaming. Check it out below:

The band’s new album, Wick, will be out April 7 via Spinefarm. You can bet your ass I’ll be listening to that thing. Anyway, that’ll do it for now — check back this time on Monday for our next edition!

Keep it heavy,

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