Wacken Metal Battle USA – Round 3 Winner: Upheaval

wacken metal battle usa

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our finalists! The third round of the Boston region for the Wacken Metal Battle USA took place March 29th at ONCE Somerville and I’m thrilled to introduce the last finalist: Upheaval. The finals are still a few weeks out, so before getting into all of those details, let’s take a closer look at last week’s winner…


Based in Boston, Upheaval brings a really dark, gritty form of sludge/doom to this region and competition. Their catalog may appear sparse — offering a six track album in Summoning A Giant and the two-track The Burning Dark, both of which dropped in April and November of 2016 respectively — but their is nothing sparse about their sound. Powerful and filled with abrasiveness, it is a form of sludge that takes on a very black metal feel, for lack of better categorization. You can take a listen to Summoning A Giant below and stay up to date with the band through their Facebook page.

Congrats to Upheaval on reaching the final! Three rounds, three bands remain, and a final competition set for April 29th at ONCE. The musical range is diverse and the performances will be memorable… and I’ll be there in person. Hope to see everyone else there as well!

“Ein bier… bitte.”

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