Album Review: Hexis – “Tando Ashanti”


Blackened hardcore post-metal doom acolytes Hexis don’t need monikers such as that. All that you need to know is that the music is violent, abrasive and intense. The beats slam on the brakes in sections where the guitar feedback is utilized, and the double-kicks send nails, hammers and the kitchen sink at listeners during the rapid tremolo-pick and blastbeat segments. Not entirely of the blast and stop style like some bands use, Hexis up the ante on modern violent metal the likes of which fans of Primitive Man and Fister will love to death.  Hexis’ Tando Ashanti is the shit, you bastards!

All out rage and rampaging beats and tremolo-picking sound out all-out war on lesser musicians who claim to represent brutality in metal. A savage hatred must inspire the members of Hexis to play to extremes. In fact, track five, “Calamitas,” is rapid tremolo-pick and crashing percussion from start to finish, as are some other tracks on album, Tando Ashanti. This might be my pick for the most intense album of 2017. Even when the beats fall away, the tremolo-picking lingers in great antithesis. In some slow sections, the guitars feature guitar plucking perfect for a walk down a crime-riddled neighborhood as muggers follow your trail. After that, all-out violence resumes as the guitars are tremolo-picked to the chagrin of the steel strings and listeners walking down alleyways caught unawares are hacked and stabbed to death for spare change.

If Hexis’ Tando Ashanti represents the new wave of metal barbarism in today’s inhumane society, then I’m all for it. With tracks kept short and the percussion featuring a diverse array of tempos in spite of the guitars being tremolo-picked to utter insanity, music lovers will hasten to compare Hexis to gangsta rap in today’s depressing age of pop dance and pop r&b. Violence reigns supreme as Hexis rages with obvious aesthetic. Metal this intense will trump all posery. Don’t posterize your overused riffs and Satanic ideology to bands like Hexis and their fans. You will be slaughtered!

Track nine, “Resurrection,” is subwoofer murder and modern like a hooded homie reaching into his pants for a jacknife. When track ten resumes the metal pedagogy, the world comes to a violent end for the poor soul that comes across his path.

Track ten, “Septem,” paints the scene of a truly atrocious sight, as blood spattering colors the walls previously adorned with graffiti. I literally love Hexis’ murder metal insanity on Tando Ashanti. This is kvlt as a creature ripping a man’s guts out with bare bloodied claws and fangs.

Halo of Flies is one of my favorite labels, and this wonderful slab of brutality is my pick for 2017’s most intense so far! Cower in your state-of-the-art studios and listening booths while copping lesser bands claiming to be the most violent. Metal was never about hype and musical stagnancy and repetition. Hexis’ Tando Ashanti is a bludgeoning in the pelvic region. Do not play to loud volumes unless allowed in spite of any noise ordinance. I have seen the future of metal. I am now a proud acolyte of Hexis!

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– Al Necro

Tando Ashanti will be available April 14 on Halo of Flies. For more information on Hexis visit their Facebook page.

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