Album Review: Cryonic Temple – “Into the Glorious Battle”


“To arms, my brothers!  For today we march Into the Glorious Battle with the Cryonic Temple!  Or we march to the Cryonic Temple so that we may go Into the Glorious Battle!  Look: we’re either engaging in a Glorious Battle at the Cryonic Temple or with the Cryonic Temple or against the Cryonic Temple…to be honest I was a little unclear when the orders came through, what with all the keyboards and major arpeggios they’re playing through the loudspeakers.”

“Anyway, to arms!”

“Sir?  It’s been a while since we, uh, went into any battle – glorious or otherwise.  Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“War is never a good idea, son.  But if in battle we must go into, let it at least be glorious, right?  And yes, it may have been some years since we last rode into that glorious battle – 2008’s Immortal to be exact.  But a decade of inactivity has not dulled our thirst for the power – just look at Freewheeler over there: his axe has never been sharper, his fretwork more precise and clear of tone!”

“Yes but…”

“And do not forget our glorious past!  The Iron Maiden riffs and speed metal tendencies on 2003’s Blood, Guts & Glory!  We had Johansson on vocals then…God rest his soul, the man could carry a tune! He was the heart of our power metal machine, a true warrior.  He was missed on 2005’s In Thy Power…damn shame, too.  I really liked the dry production on that one.”

“Uh, Sir?  The armada has the light.  We’re free to move forward.”

“Ah, forgive me, Private.  Sometimes this old man likes to dwell on past successes.  But no longer!  Gather round, men!  Strap on your laser swords and phase helmets! We few, we band of brothers shall be remembered this day we rode, or flew, into the Glorious Battle!”

“Ok, men, now listen carefully.  We’re going to forget the intro and just launch into “Man of a Thousand Faces” and take the enemy by surprise.  It has all the earmarks of our template for the battle: palm-muted power chords ripping forth, those harmonized arpeggios, everything awash with too much reverb and compression with a lack of bottom end.  They’ll expect it, yes, but that gives us the element of surprise when we unleash better tracks like “Mean Streak” and “Heavy Burden” which break the monotony with some tasty classic riffs that refuse to buried in the mix.”

“Sir! When should we deploy the ballads?”

“POWER ballads, Private!  Deploy them judiciously…we don’t want to put the enemy to sleep, there’s no glory in that battle!”

“But sir…if we are fighting the Cryonic Temple, they may already be in the frozen sleep.  Will our ballads – I’m sorry – POWER ballads do any good?”

“Son, I still don’t know if we’re with, against, or at the Cryonic Temple…but this is Glorious Battle, so throw caution to the wind and use “Heroes of the Day” and “The War is Useless” as you see fit.  But hold our epic “Freedom” for the end – if all else fails, it shall be our final salvo, our MOAB if you will.”


“Sorry, too topical?”

Cryonic Temple

The glow of the binary suns cast shadows of the fallen amongst the sanctified ground of the Cryonic Temple.  The scholars who would make the pilgrimage to the site in the years since the Glorious Battle would comment on the tendency to play it safe and mask some really great playing in a standard syrupy production that didn’t let anything breathe, as well as a vocal performance that did nothing to stand out.  We may never know if these warriors fought at, with, or against the Cryonic Temple, but they will tell the tales just the same.

– Chris

Into the Glorious Battle is available April 21 on Scarlet Records.  For more information on Cryonic Temple, check out their Facebook page.

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