Visions ov Hell: Broken Hope – “The Carrion Eaters”

Broken Hope - The Carrion Eaters

In case you missed it, Broken Hope will be releasing their seventh full length, Mutilated and Assimilated, on June 23 via Century Media. And for this edition of Visions ov Hell we have the lead off track/video “The Carrion Eaters” for your Monday morning good vibe necessity. And since it’s Memorial Day hopefully you’re off of work but for those of us who are not, we are here to save the day, so to speak. It’s been four years since their last full length and let’s face it, they didn’t burn the woods down with Omen of Disease but on first blush it seems the band is back in fighting stance with that signature death metal groove and a nasty video to go with it. Keep reading to get a taste of some Carrion.

Carrion, by definition, is the decaying flesh of dead animals. And this is death metal, after all, so decaying flesh of anything is par for the course. Musically, this track alone steals the thunder from this bands preceding album, granted no new ground is tread but the band is firing on all available cylinders and all necessary pinch harmonics. We go from slow burn death metal to rapid succession riffs and torpedo skin bashing to mosh pit ready groove, all in a matter of a couple of minutes. And the track continues in this fashion during its three and a half minute runtime. Again, nothing new here but damn it if it isn’t ridicuously catchy and exactly what I was hoping for from new Broken Hope.

The video is by Maciej Pieloch and it is lock step with not only the music but the overall theme. Seriously, we’ve got a blindfolded guy ripping into bloody meat and drinking from a wine glass full of maggots. Blind taste test anyone? Wonder if he correctly guessed any of his samplings? And did they taste like zombified nastiness? Looking at the way he rips into every piece of meat his hands bring to his mouth I’m guessing yes. But, I digress. There’s blood, maggots, rotted meat, Broken Hope members hair banging in unison and a scales of justice take at the end that is the WTF moment of the whole thing. So without further ado, click the play button below and see it for yourself.

Mutilated and Assimilated will be available June 23 on Century Media. For more information on Broken Hope visit their official website.

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