Visions ov Hell: Hallatar – “Mirrors”

Hallatar - Mirrors

Welcome to Monday, let’s get our doom on, shall we? For this Visions ov Hell edition we are taking a look at Hallatar‘s first video “Mirrors” which is from their upcoming full length No Stars Upon the Bridge. It’s a video, and song, that matches the dark and heartbreaking story of the band’s creation and the need to highlight the life of a loved one and is some of the most heartfelt doom metal you’re likely to hear. Check it out after the jump.


Hallatar was formed by Juha Raivio (Swallow the Sun, Trees of Eternity) after the death of his life partner Aleah Starbridge (Trees of Eternity). Raivio took to writing out of necessity to keep himself from falling into an unescapable abyss after this devastating event but also to honor the life and legacy of Starbridge. The band also features Tomi Joutsen (Amorphis) on vocals and Gas Lipstick (HIM) on drums. On “Mirrors” this trio slowly and methodically reach in and touch your soul with pained vocals and funereal music. Knowing the history makes it all the more touching and with over 7 minutes of slow burn doom metal it’s an all encompassing moment in time.

The video captures this darkness using low light throughout and scenes of a priest and a nun, one who seems like an overbearing presence and one who seems to have lost a faith but finds another in an opposite realm. The video was co-directed by Finnish artists Aapo Lahtela and Vesa Ranta who successfully captures the look and feel of the music contained within. Without further ado, click play below to hear and see this amazing piece of work.

No Stars Upon the Bridge will be available October 13 on Svart Records. For more information on Hallatar visit their Facebook page.

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