Album Review: Witch Vomit – “Poisoned Blood” (MLP)

Witch Vomit - Poisoned Blood

Not sure how many of you were/are privy to Witch Vomit‘s 2016 debut full length A Scream From the Tomb Below but it was, and is, old school worship with an aggressive and foul soul that rules. Fast forward a year and they’ve returned with the Poisoned Blood MLP on none other than 20 Buck Spin. We touched on the whole “bringing the classics back to life in style” with Skelethal last week and Aposento a couple weeks back yet, here we are with another album full of grin inducing death metal that goes straight for the jugular.

2017 has, thus far, been a banner year for death metal. Whether it’s familiar names releasing stellar albums, old bands rekindling the flame or new bands dusting off a tried and true formula, this year has seen a master class. And woe be unto you if any of this is missed because you’re too KVLT or something stupid like that. Let it go and succumb already or at least to this one. Over the course of five tracks in 19 minutes, Poisoned Blood brings those who missed Witch Vomit’s debut fully up to speed while, at the same time, offering up a little more to chew on — even if shorter in length. With members sharing duties with the likes of Triumvir Foul, Torture Rack and Brain Rot there’s little doubt as to whether Witch Vomit brings the brutality (spoiler alert: they do and in style).

Sure this is a quick hitter but all the bases are covered and very quickly so the welcome wagon never has the chance to lose a wheel. Want a taste of Finnish supremacy? “Doomed In the Realm of the Dead” has you covered. How about a great amalgam of Swedeath and death/grind? Check that box with “Fevers of Torment.” Then there’s “Accursed Temple of the Great Deceiver” which excels at showcasing the bands lightning fast death metal and a bit of a tasty treat with highly toned guitar theatrics. Witch Vomit aren’t breaking new ground or recreating a genre here but the unbridled aggression on display makes this MLP a must have.

Witch Vomit
Witch Vomit

When it comes to the tried and true death metal formula, this year has had it all. On Poisoned Blood, Witch Vomit not only carry the torch for the genre but they do so with malicious intent. This is no ostentatious effort by a second rate band, this is a first rate effort by a band that you should be following by this point. If you don’t know, now you do. If you do know then kudos. Go enjoy this MLP at maximum volume.

Poisoned Blood will be available June 30 on 20 Buck Spin. For more information on Witch Vomit visit their Facebook page.

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