Donuts & CANTO: Baroness, Judas Priest, Deftones and more!

baroness band photo 2017

July 19, 2017

Good morning, it’s time to metal. Here’s some news you might have missed from yesterday:

    • Leading off, Baroness have been announced as the headliner of something called the Brewtal Beer Fest out in Pittsburgh. They’re the only band on the bill that I really could give two shits about, but hey, at least there’ll be some good breweries!

    • Next up, I guess the success (?) of Iron Maiden‘s Legacy of the Beast mobile game has gotten to Judas Priest, because they’ve announced a game of their own. It’s called Road to Valhalla, and I guess it’s like a Priest-only version of Frequency / Amplitude? Yeah, I’ll pass.
    • Today in “OH GOD MARKETING IS THE WORST HOW DID I EVER WORK IN THIS FIELD?” Deftones released a trailer for their upcoming Swerve City IPA. A trailer. For beer. I’m ready for that giant asteroid, universe.
    • Gojira has announced a show in Brooklyn with Converge. If you live in Brooklyn, I hate you.
    • Apparently Godflesh frontman Justin Broadrick is doing a guest spot on the upcoming Cavalera Conspiracy album. I can personally guarantee that this won’t do enough to make the album listenable.
  • And finally, a new song from the Trent Reznor movie soundtrack machine Nine Inch Nails. Check out “This Isn’t The Place” below:

The new NIN EP, Add Violence, drops this Friday. Anyway, that’ll do it for now — check back soon for our next edition!

Keep it heavy,

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