Stream: Crawl – “I”

Crawl - This Sad Cadav'r

Black Bow Records has officially announced September 1 as the date they will digitally reissue the back catalog of Texas doom/noise practitioners Crawl. The band’s Bandcamp page might look a little lonely in preparation for these reissues but lucky for us all, today, we have a stream for “I” from their latest album This Sad Cadav’r. Head inside for more info and a stream of this track.


This is not happy music by any stretch of the imagination. It’s acidic doom slowed to uncomfortable beats per minute and noise abrasive enough to peel the paint off a torture rack. The feeling encountered here is that of looking into the eyes of a serial killer and seeing absolutely nothing — no feeling, no remorse, nothing — but the desire to hurt and maim at will. No hope or light emits from this despondent recording, instead it shoots for the part of the brain that feels loss, sadness and utter devastation. Check it out for yourself immediately below.

Like I said, this isn’t party music or dancing music but you didn’t come here for that anyway. For the ensconced listener that is looking for utter depravity set to music there is much to discover here. With that said, make sure you check out this release, as well as more of the band’s back catalog September 1 on Black Bow Records. Keep up with all things Crawl on their Facebook page.

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