Receiving the Evcharist: Aosoth and Mount Gay Barbados Rum

Receiving the Evcharist

Receiving the Evcharist is our weekly feature where we pair choice albums with our favorite libations.  Drink from the cup of heresy.  This week’s offering: Aosoth’s V: The Inside Scriptures and Mount Gay Barbados Rum.  

The Metal: Aosoth’s V: The Inside Scriptures

aosoth the inside scriptures

Aosoth are back with a late contender but one you definitely don’t want to miss out on.  2013’s IV: An Arrow in Heart was one of my favorite releases to come out that year, and one that has garnered endless replays from me along the four years since its release.  After a series of splits and EP’s, the french black metal stalwarts are back with the next chapter in their saga, one that surpasses even the heights their previous material reached for me.  V: The Inside Scriptures takes everything that was great about An Arrow in Heart and trims every ounce of fat from it, and what remains is Aosoth at their sharpest and most polished.  The band’s signature serpentine song structure, full of rhythms that shift on a dime and guitar riffs that wind and constrict like a python, has returned in full force, bolstered by more than a little death metal heft, but gone are the extended periods of ambiance that gave An Arrow it’s almost hour long run time.  While I quite enjoyed the mood these passages set, having a more concise structure does wonders to enhance the pummeling ferocity of the band.  Very few black metal albums feel this beefy, but Aosoth have managed to give their music the heft of a professional bodybuilder.

The Booze: Mount Gay Barbados Rum


When life gives you lemons, and ‘no time to shop for beer, you go with what you have on hand.  When it comes to spirits, my go-to is usually whiskey or gin, but our apartment always has a bottle of rum on hand for my lovely partner.  Our bottle of Mount Gay was a gift I bought for her, but one that I also like to sneak glasses of because it is quite excellent.  Prior to this, my experience with rum was your standard collegiate one: Captain Morgan or Sailor Jerry (or god forbid Bacardi) mixed with soda in enough quantities to cause severe regret and headaches the following morning.  Rum was never something I thought of as a casual drink, but Mount Gay has enough complexity and richness to change my mind.  Tropical fruit abounds, lending a sweetness and pleasingly smooth character to the drink.  This is a spiced rum, but never overpoweringly; the spice functions as a backbone to everything, giving a depth of flavor to hold up the fruit characteristics.  Perfect on its own, but I can also vouch for drinking this with a little ice and a splash of lime to fill it out.

That’s all for this round.  The holiday season is approaching, and I hope you get to spend it with the people you love, whoever that may be.  I will be returning to my native Chicago next week to be with my family.  Until we see each other again,

Cheers, and be good to each other,

– Vincent

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