Initial Descent: February 4 – 10, 2018


Another weekend, another relief. It’s been a long and I mean LONG week but finally it’s time to kick those feet up and let the rough side drag. And you better believe I’m letting it drag whilst listening to all this week has to offer and HEY, you should be too. Kicking things off is the ultimate good time, off-kilter and absolutely outstanding Netherlands with their new EP Hope Porn — hit up “Rewild!” and let your worries melt away. Next up is The Atlas Moth with Coma Noir and I’m telling you now, this band has never sounded better, progressive sludge at its finest. Following that is Under the Mountain by King Witch and I dare you to find a better song than “Ancients” — the 70’s swing and classic rock vibes just drip from every note here. And closing the top slots this week is Fu Manchu with Clone of the Universe and honestly their brand of desert rock hasn’t sounded this good since the days of “Weird Beard.” Look that up and get back to me. So, another fantastic start but we are long from being done. Jump in and have fun, that’s what it’s all about.

Netherlands - Hope Porn

Netherlands – Hope Porn, EP (Records and Tapes Records) – psych / noise / prog [interview]

The Atlas Moth - Coma Noir

The Atlas Moth – Coma Noir (Prosthetic Records) – progressive sludge

king witch - under the mountain

King Witch – Under The Mountain (Listenable Records) – doom [full review]

Fu Manchu - Clone of the Universe

Fu Manchu – Clone of the Universe (At The Dojo) – desert rock

Also on tap:

Against The Grain – Cheated Death (Ripple Music) – speed rock

Alkaloid – The Malkuth Grimoire (Season of Mist) – progressive death metal

All Souls – S/T (Sunyata Records) – rock

Amnutseba – Demo II (Caligari Records) – black / death

Anialator – Rise to Supremacy (Xtreem Music) – thrash

Atomwinter – Catacombs (Trollzorn) – death metal

Crucifyre – Post Vulcanic Black (Pulverised Records) – thrash

Crypt Rot / Cringe – Nocturnal Deterioration / Memento Mori, Split (Redefining Darkness / Seeing Red Records) – death metal

Erdve – Vaitojimas (Season of Mist) – hardcore

Frozen Crown – The Fallen King (Scarlet Records) – melodic power metal

Gnaw Their Tongues – Genocidal Majesty (Consouling Sounds) – experimental noise

Good Tiger – We Will All Be Gone (Blacklight Media / Metal Blade) – alt-metal

Grave Spirit – The Beast Unburdened By Flesh (Iron Bonehead) – black metal

Harms Way – Posthuman (Metal Blade) – metallic hardcore

krvvla – Ø, EP (Independent) – instrumental black metal

Mark Deutrom – The Silent Treatment (Season of Mist) – prog rock

Marriage + Cancer – S/T (Self Sabotage Records) – melodic noise

Mendacium – Decimating Titans, EP Cassette Issue + Bonus Track (Redefining Darkness Records) – black / death

Necrodancer – Void, LP (Throatruiner / Lost Pilgrims / Deathwish) – noise / sludge / black

Olivia Neutered John – Transphobia Annihilation (Blackened Death) – grind / death

Paara – Riitti (ViciSolum Records) – black / folk

Pissed Regardless – Feed The Birds (Creator-Destructor Records) – thrash

River Cult – Halcyon Daze (Nasoni Records / Blackseed Records / Magnetic Eye) – psych rock [feature]

Rotting Sky – Sedation, Reissue (Sentient Ruin) – black / noise [feature review]

Rumahoy – The Triumph of Piracy (Napalm Records) – pirate metal

Sex Dumpster – Lord Alcohol (Independent) – black metal

The Raz – S/T (Rockshots Records) – rock

The Ugly – Thanatology (ViciSolum Records) – melodic black metal

Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath (Metal Blade) – heavy metal [full review]

Wedge – Killing Tongue (Heavy Psych Sounds) – rock

– Josh

2 thoughts on “Initial Descent: February 4 – 10, 2018

  1. Buck Circles February 12, 2018 / 5:51 pm

    Netherlands ‘Hope Porn’ is pretty brilliant. So much fun, they bring the Big Biz/Melvins/Tweak Bird influences to the front but don’t rely on them as a crutch. And thanks for the heads-up on the Marriage + Cancer, never heard of them but that release is awesome.

    • Josh February 12, 2018 / 7:49 pm

      Big fan of Netherlands, they could perform a phone book and make it interesting. If you haven’t yet, dig back through their catalog, amazing stuff. Marriages + Cancer caught me off guard in a good way, very happy about that one. Cheers and thanks for stopping by!

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