Frank’s Power Metal album of February 2018: Thaurorod – “Coast Of Gold”

Power Metal Frank

Ahoy there, sisters and brothers! How was your February? If it was awesome then congratulations, you have something in common with Power Metal. I’ve been absolutely giddy listening to all of the great power metal that has graced my ears. The final two weeks of the month have been especially satisfying, throwing us 10 albums. Holy Diver! Not only in quantity, but in terms of quality power metal probably had its best month in quite a long time. The only downside (not really) is I have to pick one as my personal favorite. It wasn’t easy because there are three or four that stand out from the others. I waited until the last possible moment which was a good thing because it assured me my pick was the right one. So, without further delay, I present to you my favorite Power Metal album of February 2018!


ThaurorodCoast of Gold (Drakkar Entertainment GmbH)

Not only is Coast of Gold my top power metal pick of the month but it’s also an early frontrunner for album of the year. I’m the kind of fan who loves soaring vocals, speedy riffs, keyboards and melody up the wazoo. Thauroroad gives you all that and more. The sextet from Finland delivers a gem five years after their terrific record Anteinferno and, in my opinion, solidify themselves as one of the best symphonic power metal acts today. It starts off right away with the opening track, “Power,” a perfect name for this song, it hits you hard with speed and melody and leaves you wanting more. It also contains my favorite chorus of the album and gives you that uplifting feeling that makes Power Metal so special.  “The Commonwealth Lives” starts off with a catchy keyboard riff before proceeding into an earworm that had me singing it for days after. The fun continues with the title track and “24601.” Both of these are keyboard heavy but aren’t overbearing and gives both a very epic feel. “24601” is a very passionate song. I can really feel the emotion and passion in singer Andi Kravljaca’s voice. The guitar work is superb and it’s one of those songs that will be played for years to come.

You want more anthemic tuneage? You got it! “Feed the Flame” is next, and in my opinion, it’s the song that will raise your fist to the sky. You’ll be holding a sword in that hand as well. “Cannibal Island” follows, and for me it’s the only weak part of Coast of Gold. It’s not bad, but it feels out of place to me. Things quickly steer back on track when “Into the Flood” starts playing. A powerful mid to fast-paced song, it has my favorite guitar solo on the album.

The final three tracks showcase the vast creativity of the band. “My Sun Will Rise” is a melodic, yet speedy track that’s a real headbanger. “Illuminati” is the longest song on the album, clocking in at 7:06, and gives you a progressive feel with different paces and feels. The final song, “Halla,” is the ballad. It’s incredibly passionate and strong. Normally I don’t like ballads to end an album but this was a perfect fit. There is a closure feel to it that gives you the satisfaction that is needed for an album’s end.


Like I said earlier, Power Metal had an incredible February. Visions of Atlantis, Sebastien, Frozen Crown, Mad Hatter, Armored Dawn, Angra and others released tremendous offerings. For me, Thaurorod were the leaders. Coast of Gold has all you want in a power metal album, from speed and riffs to melody and passion. When I purchased the album, I listened to it five times in a row because it sounded so massive, and still does. It took five years to release this album, but you can hear and feel all of the hard work they put into it. I know it’s early, but this is my power metal album of the year right now. It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s great! Thanks for reading everyone.

HAIL to you all!!!

– Frank

Coast of Gold is available now on Drakkar Entertainment GmbH.  For more information on Thaurorod, check out their official website.

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