Premiere: Anchorhold – “Five Weeks”

Anchorhold - From A Father's Son

Atmospheric black metal can take many shapes and forms, that much we’ve definitely seen and heard in the recent past. But when the subject matter deals with the decline and eventual loss of a loved one, it takes on a whole new meaning as well as provide a bottomless canvas to document the harrowing experience. This is exactly what Jimmy Sisco (Platoon 1107, Absolved) did with his project Anchorhold after his father was diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer. From A Father’s Son, due out August 10 on The Fear and the Void Recordings, is a four track documentation of the human side to this process and unfolds in an extremely stirring maelstrom of emotions. Today, Nine Circles is pleased to bring you a premiere of the EP’s third track “Five Weeks.”

The track begins gently with a lone guitar then meticulously grows in intensity and atmosphere to its final climax of raging black metal. The ending is a jar to the senses but, to me, signifies a sort of closing or finality. Personal takes and experiences here will differ person to person but for me, in just over three minutes, Anchorhold took me right back to a dimly lit room where the air seemed uncomfortably still and the only sounds were laborious breathing and my own trepidation of what I knew was inevitable when I dealt with a similar situation. Jimmy Sisco as Anchorhold has bared his heart and emotions for all to hear on From A Father’s Son and in doing so I hope he has found peace with his father’s passing. It’s not everyday we get to see inside someone’s soul and it’s not everyday we are prepared for it either but Anchorhold harnesses this power in a way that hopefully will help others to heal or at least be able to cope in similar situations.

Anchorhold – Jimmy Sisco

Check out “And Now We Wait” here and be sure to grab your copy August 10 on The Fear and the Void Recordings. For more information on Anchorhold visit their Facebook page.

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