The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Metallica’s “…And Justice for All” turns 30!

and justice for all

On Saturday, Metallica‘s landmark album, …And Justice for All, will celebrate its 30th anniversary. Originally released in 1988, the album is notable for many things: for the band’s exploration of its progressive side; for their foray into music video-making, with “One”; and of course, for the near-complete lack of low-end through the entirety of the record. (#justiceforjason #woke #replacementbassistsneedlovetoo)

It is also notable for being an enormously successful and influential album, and a tremendous cap for the band’s unimpeachable early-era. So, naturally, we wanted to talk about it.

Join Dan and Chris as they spend the better part of an hour waxing poetic about the album. The conversation covers the guys’ first exposure to the album, a track-by-track breakdown, and where Justice stands in the pantheon of Metallica. It also covers totally unrelated stuff, like Dokken! And what Dan and Chris are working on musically! (Don’t worry, the latter stuff’s at the end; if you don’t care, you can Irish exit and we will only judge you a little bit.)

Either way, this chat was a ton of fun for us and we hope you enjoy it, too. Jump on in and take a listen!

metallica 1988

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