Initial Descent: August 26 – September 1, 2018


Took part in a BMW performance experience last week in which I got to drive several different ‘M’ models extremely fast (you know, drive it like you stole it) which gave me great pleasure. And over the course of this half day excursion the top four albums below were my soundtrack. Tons of fun was had, you had to be there. Anyway, what’s out this week in the world of metal? Read on…

First up is NOLA’s favorite sons, Thou, with their magnificent take on sludge and doom but with Magus they really reach into progressive territory and it rules – if you dig this band and their recent trio of EP’s you will love this. Ken Mode are back with Loved which is a jagged pill of brutalicious noise rock that, no shocker here, also rules. In the midst of death/black/sludge/prog/djent tagsploitation it’s a nice change of pace to hear a fist pumping, adrenalizing, straight forward heavy metal album such as U.D.O.’s sixteenth full length Steelfactory – old guard or no, this is just a ridiculously fun album. Rounding out the top slots is Australia’s Descent on Towers of Grandiosity which is like pouring death metal, grindcore and crusty old hardcore punk into a vat of acid and watching it explode into a mass of blood red particles.

Now you know of four and there’s so much more…high hat please…anyway, stick around for the rest.

Thou - Magus

Thou – Magus (Sacred Bones Records) – sludge / doom / Thou (enough said) [full review]

KEN Mode - Loved

Ken Mode – Loved (Season of Mist) – dark noise [full review]

U.D.O. - Steelfactory

U.D.O. – Steelfactory (AFM Records) – heavy metal

Descent - Towers of Grandiosity

Descent – Towers of Grandiosity (Redefining Darkness Records) – death / grind

Also on tap:

Beyond the Black – Heart of the Hurricane (Napalm Records) – symphonic metal

Black Mirrors – Look Into the Black Mirror (Napalm Records) – rock

Circles – The Last One (Season of Mist) – progressive metal

Gabriels – Fist of the Seven Stars Act 2, Hokuto Brothers (Rockshots Records) – progressive

Ghost World – Spin (Svart Records) – alternative

Helion Prime – Terror of the Cybernetic Space Monster (AFM Records) – power metal [feature]

I’ll Be Damned – Road To Disorder (Drakkar Entertainment) – rock

Infuriate – S/T (Everlasting Spew Records) – brutal death metal

Junkyard Drive – Black Coffee (Mighty Music) – rock

Krakow – minus (Karisma Records) – progressive metal

Kvlt of Eblis – Templo de la Serpiente Negra (Morbid Skull Records) – black metal

Lost Chocolate Lab – Lost Landscapes (Independent) – gazy noise

Maligner – Attraction to Annihilation (Blood Harvest) – death / thrash

Majestic Mass – Savage Empire of Death (Caligari Records) – psych black metal [full review]

Mamaleek – Out of Time (The Flenser) – avantgarde black metal

Monte Pittman – Better or Worse (Metal Blade) – progressive metal

Monte Pittman – Between the Space (Metal Blade) – progressive metal

Morgue Walker – Forage the Ash (Grindstate Records) – death / grind [full review]

Panzer Squad – Ruins (Testimony Records) – thrash

Paragnosis – Clarity In Three, Redux (Independent) – progressive metal

Pascagoula – The Path, The Cross, The Aftermath (Dry Cough Records / Badlads) – sludge / noise

Rithiya Henry Khiev – Eviscerated Realm (RHK Studios) – progressive metal

Rolled Up Sleeves – Pointless, EP (Mighty Music) – garage rock

The Negative Bias / Golden Dawn – The Temple of Cruel Empathy / Lunar Serpent, Split (Casus Belli Musica) – atmospheric black metal

The Secret – Lux Tenebris (Southern Lord) – black metal

The Spirit of Iuvenium – Bequeath Thy Grievous Loss (Pacific Threnodies) – gothic darkwave

Theudho – De roep van het woud (Independent) – pagan black metal

Throat – Bareback (Svart) – noise

Tornado – Commitment to Excellence (Extreme Metal Music) – thrash

Tyrannic – Ethereal Sepulchre (Seance Records) – heavy metal

Wheel In the Sky – Beyond the Pale (The Sign Records) – rock

– Josh

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