Initial Descent: December 9 – 15, 2018

Deitus, photo courtesy of Nick Malone

It’s cold and that’s pretty much all I’ve got. Take that as you will. But, you know what warms me up? Another list of metal’s new releases — so, I’m in luck and you are too. Exactly what you are wondering…read on.

The UK’s Deitus return with their blasphemous second full length, Via Dolorosa, which finds the band leaning a little harder on the pure metal side of the black metal spectrum but still intense and still wildly entertaining. Next up, and another I, Voidhanger release, is Devil Worshipper on Music For the Endtimes and being that Ævangelist is in mastermind Matron Thorn’s wheelhouse, expect the same sort of extreme disdain for life, limb and existence as we know it on this debut. Moving right along, and with another D in the alphabet, is Dødsferd on Diseased Remnants of a Dying World which is Greece’s answer to raw black metal with a DSBM bent, and closing out the top slots is a Cronos fronted Venom on Storm the Gates so lay down your souls to the gods rock ‘n’ roll and get venomized — mileage may vary but it’s Venom so, there’s that.

I’m warmed…somewhat, but by the end of this list I’ll be toasty. Get in there and start a fire for yourself.

Deitus - Via Dolorosa

Deitus – Via Dolorosa (I, Voidhanger) – black metal

Devil Worshipper - Music for the Endtimes

Devil Worshipper – Music For the Endtimes (I, Voidhanger) – extreme metal

Dødsferd - Diseased Remnants of a Dying World

Dødsferd – Diseased Remnants of a Dying World (Transcending Obscurity) – black metal

Venom - Storm the Gates

Venom – Storm the Gates (Spinefarm) – VENOM

Also on tap:

Adaestuo – Krew Za Krew (W.T.C. Productions) – black / ambient

Black 8 Balls – When the Curtain Falls (Dedication Records) – hardcore

Comatose Vigil A.K. – Evangelium Nihil (Non Servium Records) – funeral doom

Currents – I Let the Devil In (Sharptone Records) – metalcore

Death Comes Crawling – Looking for Semblance (I, Voidhanger) – black metal

Defy the Curse – S/T (Hammerheart) – death metal

Demonbreed – Hunting Heretics (Testimony Records) – death metal

Devathorn / Inferno Zos – Vel Thagirion (W.T.C. Productions) – black metal

Dirge – Lost Empyrean (Debemur Morti Productions) – doom / post-metal

Excalibur – Generación Maldita, Reissue (Fighter Records) – heavy metal

Ferum – Vergence (Everlasting Spew Records) – death / doom

Goblinsmoker – Toad King (Sludgelord Records) – goblin stoner

Great Falls – A Sense of Rest (Throatruiner / Corpse Flower / Init) – post-hardcore / noise

Iterum Nata – The Course of Empire (Inverse) – occult folk

Jarboe – The Cut of the Warrior (Translation Loss) – experimental

Keziah – The Unknown (WOOAAARGH) – sludge / post-metal

Laid Back Townies – II (Inverse) – prog rock

Louna – Panopticon (Sliptrick) – alt-punk

Night Vapor – 1,000 Miles of Mud (Corpse Flower Records) – noise rock

ÖFÖ AM – Tales From Outerspace : An Octaman’s Odyssey (Lost Pilgrims Records) – stoner rock / instrumental

Siniestro – Arctic Blood (Black Lion Records) – black / thrash

Skulk, The Hulking – Afterbirth of a Nation (Independent) – avantgarde

Splendidula – Post Mortem (Inverse) – sludge / doom

Squalus & Shadow Limb – Mass and Power, Split (Translation Loss) – sludge / doom

Súl Ad Astral – Oasis (Flowing Downward) – blackgaze

Svarta Stugan – Islands / Öar (WOOAAARGH) – post-rock

Tor Marrock – The Concept of Self (Black Vulture Records) – cellar metal

Unendlich – Misanthropic Sedition, EP (Independent) – black metal

Ysengrin / Stargazer – D.A.V.V.N. (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – death metal

– Josh

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