Profile: Deathgrinding Spaniards Ernia


Why yes, deathgrind is a good thing and in Ernia‘s case, they just released their full length debut, Ernia, which is full of said deathgrind. It’s thirteen tracks of ear smashing rowdiness that shows a deep influence pool while keeping things fresh and bröötal. And by the looks of the band pic, they obviously have fun with it — nothing wrong in that, we could all take a lesson there. Anyway, we recently had the chance to ask Ernia our set of Profile questions so head immediately below to see what they had to say. Don’t forget to hit the links within and support them.

Ernia - Ernia

How did you first get into playing music, and have you achieved the level of success that you hoped for?

I think I never really hoped for any level of success, I just like playing the guitar and playing shows. I’d like to play out of the country more, for sure, but I’m not disappointed or anything like that, personally.

What’s the most you have ever debased yourself to get your band onto a show, into a magazine or otherwise promoted, covered, and praised? (If you don’t have a story, please tell us any funny/embarrassing story.)

Young people in bands, for the love of whatever you hold sacred: Don’t. Pay. To. Play. I can fortunately say we’ve never done any headstands or worse to get a show or coverage, all that stuff has happened organically and now we’re working with a PR company for the album campaign.

As for the most embarrassing thing that has happened to us, I think was the time we drove 6 hours each way to play a show at the other side of the country and a total of 5 people came.

What do you see as some of the great things happening in metal and what are some of the worst things happening inside the scene right now?

One of the greatest things I see happening is that people seem to care less and less about the “tough guy” image metal has always carried with it, one benefit of that is that tour billings are getting more diverse, which is really cool. Like, Skeletonwitch touring with System of a Down? Power Trip playing shows with Trap artists??!? I think it’s great. Diversity is necessary for things not to stagnate.

As for bad stuff… one that annoys me is that a lot of people still think it’s OK to financially support bands with bad, dangerous beliefs under the guise of “but I separate the art from the artist.” No, you’re giving shitheads tacit approval by supporting them with your money. Stop it.

It seems that now everyone has a passion for some cause and that those people are very open about displaying their passions. This is probably a very, very good (and progressive) thing socially. What are some of the most important issues (social/political/humorous/etc.) for you and how do you insert those issues into your music?

I’m personally very aware of and worried about the devastating consequences that decades of savage capitalism are having on the climate. It’s starting to become more and more evident each year, and unfortunately I don’t think that we can pull it together as a race and minimize the effects in time. I’m not sad for humans, we did this to ourselves; it devastates me to think of the planet we’ll leave other species when we disappear. I try to do what I can in general about everything that concerns me, but I’m just one dude hahaha. Everyone does what they can.

What, or who, got you into metal and how old were you? How did your family take the news?

In my case, it was actually the Guitar Hero games that got me into metal as such. My parents are big 70s rock and folk people, and I started to play guitar when I was about 8 or so. But after playing Guitar Hero and discovering all this intense and complex-sounding music, I dove into metal head-first and started practicing guitar a lot more to improve. My parents thought it was fine, both me and my brother (Gabi) were always good, well-behaved students, so as long as we kept that up (which we did) they had no reason to be worried.

What advice do you have for aspiring music critics and outlets out there? How can we all better serve the genre in the eyes of a hard-working musician?

I mean, my main advice would be to just focus on the music and not cover any stupid twitter feuds or that kind of stuff. I personally like to get a heads up when a musician or band is being shitty or generally holds shitty beliefs, so balance that with talking about bands that aren’t shitty and put out quality music.

What’s your goal? You guys thinking world domination? Maybe saving a continent? Maybe invading one? Any interest in starting a cult? Do you guys have day jobs or hobbies you want to share? Whatever it is, please let us know.

Our goal is to make weird music and share it with as many people as possible, preferably people who’ll appreciate it. Three of us are engineers; music is a life-long hobby that we do because we kind of have to. It’s a great release from the often monotonous and sad day-to-day happenings.

When you’re not obsessing over your own material, what are some of your favorite albums to listen to currently? (Feel free to include non-metal)

Daniel Valcázar (left guitar): Very heavily into this years’ Harm’s Way, Sectioned and Imperial Triumphant.
Gabriel Valcázar (drums): Daughters, Kero Kero Bonito and Idles.
Daniel Espinosa (right guitar): María Arnal i Marcel Bages and Revocation.
Omar Sánchez (vocals): mewithoutYou, Vince Staples and harunemuri.
Adrián Ruiz (bass): Contagion, Varials and Heize.

What is the 12-month outlook for you or your band? Any specific events on the horizon that the masses should be aware of?

Our album comes out digitally on December 7th, check it out at at the links / embed contained in this piece. I don’t want to put my foot in it so I’m not going to go into too much detail, but we’re almost ready to announce the release of physical copies too (link below). Other than that, we’re always coming up with and jamming new ideas, and we’ll play as many shows as we can!

Summarize your band in exactly one word.


Many thanks to Ernia for their time!

Ernia is available now on the band’s Bandcamp page and on CD format via Absolute Contempt Records. For more information on Ernia, visit their Facebook page.

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